Letter to the Editor: Is FSU setting up freshmen for failure?

An issue that Framingham State struggles with is the difficult process of choosing a major. Incoming freshmen tend to have a hard time navigating the school’s website in search for information about their potential major. The FSU website does not give an accurate description of the majors that are provided at Framingham State.

The short explanations of each major are not helpful when one is trying to determine whether or not that major will get them to where they want to be. With possibly adding examples of the jobs that are possible with that major, or even thoughts from someone who graduated with that major, can help incoming students.

Academic success advisors at Framingham State need to be more aware of the job prospects for each major so they can be aware of when a student is in the wrong major. Advisors should be able to give guidance to students who are confused, but instead, they are concerned about placing them into classes in their major they have chosen, even if they are not the right major for them.

Students come to college in order to pursue their dreams and it can be frustrating when the tools that students need are not easily accessible. Every incoming freshman has good intentions coming in, but it can be really disheartening when it feels like the school sets you up for failures by not providing you the support that you need in order to be successful.


Alyssa Gunn

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