Letter to the Editor: Broken down dorms

Photo of Corinne Hall Towers shower head by Donald Halsing

If you’re a student living on campus, you know exactly how often an elevator breaks down or when the showers are the hottest. 

As a freshman student living in Corinne Hall Towers, I know how difficult it is to find time to get everything done between class (e.g. eat, shower, get homework done). 

This difficulty is only made worse with our broken down dorms.

Others in different dorms have also told me about their elevator difficulties. Throughout the first few weeks of the second semester, Corinne Hall Towers’ elevators have broken down twice. This makes it harder for the students on the upper floors to get to classes on time because they must wait for the elevator to go all the way up and then all the way down, stopping at every single floor along the way. 

Although this is a day-to-day issue, usually having two elevators makes it easier for everyone to get on and get off in a timely fashion. Many students now have to leave up to ten minutes earlier than usual to arrive to class on time. 

Other than Towers, Larned Hall has had touch-and-go incidents regarding their elevators, and from a fellow student that lives there, “I feel like the elevators are always broken, and when they aren’t, it’s not long until they are again.”

Elevators, however, aren’t the only broken parts in the dorms.

Showers are the epitome ofproblems. Whether it’s water pressure, a broken shower head, space in the showers, or shower temperature, something is always wrong. 

Freshman student Faith Kollien states “I don’t like the curtains because they always open, so the cold air always blows into the shower.”  She believes magnets may be our best bet for fixing this problem. 

Kollien’s roommate, Emma Bernier, also believes this to be an issue, but is adamant about the shower temperatures, “You only get hot water for, maybe, 15 minutes before it gets cold.”

Not only does the hot water not last more than 15 minutes, but if someone flushes the toilet or uses the sink, you’re stuck with five more minutes of cold water before it gets warm again. 

Shower space is always an issue, too. If you’re tall or muscular, you may have trouble fitting in the showers. Either the small frame of the shower causes shoulders to touch both ends or the shower head only reaching your chest or shoulders, shower space needs to be improved upon.

If we have these two major problems in our dorms, how do we fix them? We always hear complaints, but we never take action. 

Do we make the housing fees more expensive? Do we take money from another source in the school and put it towards our dorms? 

Although neither issue is a safety hazard, I (and many other students) believe our school will gain more resident students if we fix the broken parts in otherwise amazing dorms.


Gabriella Inman