Head above water keeps Avril afloat

By: Cara McCarthy

Avril Lavigne released her first album in six years, and frankly, she’s no longer the “sk8er” girl people grew up with during the early 2000s. 

Her new album, “Head Above Water,” tackles a range of issues – from her divorce and path to sobriety, to her continued struggle with Lyme disease. 

Through these struggles, Lavigne has done a complete 180 from her previous albums in the best way possible.

In her earlier albums, which skyrocketed her to fame, she was a typical punk teenager. Now, however, you can tell she has matured not only as a woman, but as a singer. 

Her music has gone from singing about skater boys and not liking your girlfriend, to singing about God and her own personal struggles she has experienced in the last six years. Her voice, overall, has never been better. 

Lavigne has gone from somewhat annoying yodeling to holding strong and powerful melodies, and through this album, has proven that her voice has come a long way.

The pop singer made headway in her comeback toward the end of 2018, with the release of “Head Above Water,” which would later become the title track of her latest album. 

The tracks, “I Fell In Love With The Devil” and “Tell Me It’s Over,” are about her divorce from Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and the events leading up to it. “I fell in love with the Devil/and now I’m in trouble,” and “I can’t give you up/I know you’re no good for me” emphasizes their marriage was not on the right track.

One song on the album left a sour taste in my mouth – “Dumb Blonde.” 

The track, which features Nicki Minaj, is nothing compared to the rest of the album because of its musical differences compared to the other tracks.

While most of her songs are slow-paced, with meaningful lyrics and powerful vocals, this song is not. Minaj may be a good name to put on a track, but it is still a struggle to get through. 

With the rest of the album being slow and more focused on Lavigne’s lyrics and vocals, “Dumb Blonde” is simply another pop song that will only ever be known as the song that did not fit. 

Lavigne’s vocals on the track sound like she is screaming into a microphone. The song alone isn’t horrible, but when you compare it to the rest of the album, it is obvious that Lavigne can do better and did not need this song for the album to be a hit. 

Regardless of whether you haven’t been the biggest fan of Lavigne over the last 10 years, or have been lying in wait anticipating her comeback – it is clear that Lavigne is back and better than ever. 

Grade: B

You’ll be missing out if you don’t get on Lavigne’s wave