Ferr or Foul Winners and losers of the NBA trade deadline

One week after the NBA trade deadline, we have seen a couple of clear winners and clear losers emerge in the league as a result of some trades. 

By far, the biggest winner of the trade deadline was the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Already a title contender before the deadline, Philadelphia added Tobias Harris from the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Harris is averaging a career-high 20 points per game this season. This gives the 76ers another scorer, which they needed desperately as well as a knock-down 3-point shooter. 

Additionally, they did not give up very much to acquire Harris. They only gave up Landry Shamat, an unproven rookie, Mike Muscala, and a couple of first-round draft selections in the future. 

Getting Harris was well worth giving up those players, and the trade pushes them to the front of the Eastern Conference. 

Another winner was the Dallas Mavericks. 

Dallas added one of the most intriguing players in the league – Kristaps Porzingis. 

Porzingis, who hasn’t played this year thanks to a knee injury, took the league by storm as a rookie. 

The Mavericks were able to acquire the potential superstar for very little. They sent Dennis Smith Jr. as well as DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Matthews, and a couple of first-round picks to New York in exchange for Porzingis. 

While the trade will have zero effect this year, it will set the Mavericks up for future success. 

Dallas can now pair Porzingis with their stand-out rookie Luka Doncic, for many years to come. 

This pair will be extremely scary for the foreseeable future and could easily help bring a title back to Dallas. 

There were also some pretty big losers at the trade deadline.

The biggest loser by far was the New Orleans Pelicans. 

The Pelicans decided not to trade their star player, Anthony Davis, who asked for a trade last month. 

Instead, they decided to hang onto him until next year. 

This was a terrible move because the Pelicans turned down one of the best trade offers the league has seen in some time. 

The Los Angeles Lakers offered to send three of their best players, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and, Kyle Kuzma, as well as some draft picks, to New Orleans for Davis but the Pelicans declined. 

Another big loser was the Houston Rockets. 

The Rockets, who have come on strong as of late, are currently sitting in fifth place in the Western Conference, but decided to stay put and not make any moves. 

Houston definitely could have afforded to add a piece or two to help them get by the Golden State Warriors. 

Currently, the Rockets are not strong enough to get by Warriors, and by not making a move, they can almost guarantee themselves to not make Finals this year. 

Thanks to the Rockets, the Warriors have pretty much punched their ticket back to the NBA Finals for a fifth-straight season, and will most likely claim their third title in a row.