Letter to the Editor

Dear Gatepost Editors and Framingham State Students,

Faculty and librarians at Framingham (and all Massachusetts state colleges) have worked without a funded contract for 593 days (and counting).  Our MSCA union negotiated a contract in good faith and all parties signed in May 2018, after a protracted bargaining process that began in January of 2017. Now the Council of Presidents is refusing to honor the new contract, even though they initially agreed.

The racist graffiti found in Horace Mann Hall recently reminds us that building a respectful, caring, and supportive learning community for all students is an unfinished project that takes work.  The graffiti makes many students feel that “Framily” is not just a corny coinage, but an empty one. The way the Council of Presidents is dealing with the faculty union makes me feel the same way.

I applaud the students, faculty, librarians and staff who have stood up to denounce racism.  I honor the good faith with which most people on this campus approach our work.  I wish I could applaud the Council of Presidents, which includes President Cevallos, too. 

For now, I am pointedly withholding my applause.


Niall Stephens

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