Ferr or Foul: Patriots’ defense prevails

If you like field goals, then Super Bowl LIII was a game for you. 

For the rest of us, this year’s Super Bowl may have been the most boring game in its 53-year history. 

A game so boring, the biggest highlight was Rams’ punter Johnny Hekker breaking the record for the longest punt in Super Bowl history. 

In a defensive battle, the New England Patriots held on to beat the Los Angeles Rams and claim their sixth title in the last 17 years. 

In the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history, the Patriots outlasted the Rams 13-3, in a game that had just one touchdown over 60 minutes of play. 

Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman was named the Super Bowl MVP for his 10 catch, 141 yard performance. 

While a lot of attention is focused on Tom Brady, who collected an NFL-record sixth title on Sunday, nobody is giving any praise to the real hero – the Patriots’ defense. 

Sure, six rings is historic and no doubt impressive, but if it weren’t for New England’s defense, the Patriots would have stood zero chance against the Rams. 

The Patriots’ offense looked shaky, producing punt after punt and only scoring 13 points all night. 

But thanks to stellar defensive play by the Patriots, 13 points was all they needed to earn the victory. 

Going into the night, many expected it to be high-scoring game, considering it consisted of two top-five offenses and two defenses ranked in the bottom half of the league. 

However, we got the complete opposite. 

We saw two offenses that couldn’t move the ball down the field, and two defenses that looked like the best in the league. 

But besides the Rams’ punt unit, the Patriots’ defense was by far the most impressive unit on the field. 

Going into the game averaging over 420 yards and just under 33 points a game, the Rams were completely blindsided by the play of New England’s defense. 

The Patriots held the Rams to just 260 yards and 3 points. 

You might ask, “How did the Patriots do it?”

The answer is simple: they were much better prepared. 

New England was one step ahead of the Rams all night and seemed to know what was coming before it happened. 

Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick put together a fantastic game plan to counter the Rams’ explosive offense, and the players executed it perfectly. 

Rams’ star quarterback Jared Goff did not look comfortable all game, as the Patriots dialed up many different looking blitzes that confused him all night. 

New England also completely shut down the Rams’ run game, which very few teams have been able to do all year. 

The Rams, who average 140 rushing yards per game, only mustered up 60 yards on the ground Sunday. 

The two major standouts for the Patriots were linebacker Dont’a Hightower and cornerback Stephon Gilmore. 

Hightower contributed just two tackles, but also chipped in two sacks. 

Gilmore made five tackles in the game, and came up with the game-winning interception in the fourth quarter when the Rams were threatening to tie the game.  

One thing is for sure: the Patriots and their fans owe a huge “thank you” to the defense. 

Without them, the outcome of Super Bowl LIII probably would have been very different, and odds are the Rams would have been hoisting the Lombardi trophy instead.  

Sure, Brady and Belichick both earned their sixth titles, a historic accomplishment, but a lot more credit and praise needs to be given to the Patriots’ defense, the real MVP of Super Bowl LIII.