Senators discuss snow removal woes

SGA relocated its first meeting of the semester because the Alumni Room was double-booked. The Jan. 29 meeting was subsequently delayed by 10 minutes and several agenda items were tabled until next week. 

President Ben Carrington postponed a “fun activity” and a Class & Club Treasurer presentation he had intended on sharing until the organization could use the Alumni Room the following week. 

During Open Forum, senators expressed concern regarding snow removal on campus. 

Senator Olivia Rothwell said when she arrived on campus after winter break, there was “ice everywhere … and only patches of salt” on a stairwell next to West Hall. “I called Facilities and they were not very kind about it.” 

Senator Abigail Salvucci added, “The residence halls opened at 8 a.m. and the campus wasn’t shoveled until 8:30.” 

Carrington said he plans to meet with Facilities to address snow removal and other safety concerns.

Also during Open Forum, Carrington announced SGA advisors Amanda Haskins and David Smailes had stepped down from their positions over winter break. 

During the meeting, senators approved a motion to appoint Sara Gallegos, new director of SILD, as the new SGA advisor. Gallegos said she has been involved in student government for many years. “This is kind of my jam.” 

SGA approved its own request to re-allocate $2,401.17 from its Diversity Fund to the Travel and Conference fund, which previously had a balance of -$2,401.17. 

Carrington said, “The Diversity Fund is meant for us to partner with clubs to host events that promote diversity, and that’s also what conferences are for. So, if we can zero out that budget, that means everyone can go on their conferences.” 

After the re-allocation, the Diversity Fund holds $7,743.83. 

Also during the meeting, Senator Adam Scanlon was approved as SGA’s parliamentarian. 

Scanlon said, “I’ve been doing SGA for four years and I have a lot of experience with Robert’s Rules. … I would like to use this last semester to personally accomplish a few goals that I think would benefit the University.” 

The eBoard position of Class & Club Treasurer remains unfilled. 

During his President’s Report, Carrington shared several initiatives he plans on implementing during the coming months. 

 He said he is working on an initiative with the art department to make the McCarthy Center more “lively.”

He added, “Something to make it more vibrant. We want McCarthy to be the campus hub.” 

Carrington said he is in the process of implementing a campus-wide anti-racism collaborative to emphasize the importance of tolerance and acceptance on campus. 

During his Vice President’s Report, Alex Backer said he is working on a survey on how students feel about 20-hour policy on campus.

He said the University is collecting data regarding student workers and whether they are exceeding the 20-hours a week cap and will consider “possibly even lowering the number of hours students can work. I hope not, though.” 

Backer said he wants to present the survey to Lorretta Holloway, vice president of enrollment and student development, so that it can be incorporated into the data the University is already collecting. 

Also during his report, Backer said he is working with Kim Dexter and another student to bring a sexual assault survivor to campus to speak about their experience.

At the end of the meeting, Carrington reminded senators that it is “vital” they attend every meeting. “We can’t do business without quorum. You need to be here.” 

• Senator Lexi Dello Iacono received the U-Rock Award and Senator of the Month.

• SATF Treasurer Driana Lebron received eBoard member of the month.