Letter from the editor

For over 85 years, The Gatepost has been dedicated to delivering credible and timely news to students, staff, faculty, and administrators alike. We take pride in seeing The Gatepost in the hands of readers each week and appreciate those who pick up the paper every Friday. 

Journalism, and especially journalism on a college campus, brings the community together and holds us accountable to one another. It also ensures that issues facing students do not go ignored or unreported. The Gatepost fulfills that need through the tireless efforts of the writers, editors, photographers, and designers who work on it every single week. 

In early January, I received an email from the business formerly responsible for printing The Gatepost every Friday morning. A representative told me it was scaling back production and would no longer be able to print the paper. This was devastating news and something I was unsure how to remedy in the three weeks before the semester began. 

In the following weeks, help came from so many people inside FSU and from the greater Framingham community. Before the semester even started, GateHouse Media and the business office at FSU were in contact to expedite a contract to get us up and running for the first issue of the semester – Feb. 1. 

I would like to thank the many people who made this seemingly impossible and daunting task possible for our student newspaper. 

First, thank you to Ann McDonald, general counsel, and Dale Hamel, executive vice president, for offering advice regarding securing a contract. Thank you to  John Budron, the outgoing director at the business office, and Natasha Bizanos, the incoming director, for expediting the process of finalizing the printing contract.

Thank you to Liz Banks, English professor and assistant advisor to The Gatepost, for connecting us with members of GateHouse Media to secure a bid. 

Thank you to everyone at GateHouse Media who assisted in making our transition easy and enjoyable. Special thanks to George Roy, Mike Niland, and Bobby Skerry, who were all instrumental throughout the process. 

A special thank you to Gwenyth Swain, the administrative assistant for The Gatepost, who is an unsung hero in everything she does on a weekly basis. Gwen’s relentless support for our newspaper is shown through her hard work (even on her days off) and The Gatepost is lucky to have her in our corner. She was instrumental in assuring the contract would be signed by the time the first paper was due to be published. 

Finally, thank you to Desmond McCarthy, chair of the English department and advisor to The Gatepost. Without Desmond, none of this would have been possible. In the four years I’ve had the privilege to know him, his first and foremost concern has been assisting students in every way imaginable. He worked around the clock for our organization attending meeting after meeting in order to resolve this crisis before the semester began. 

And to all our readers, thank you for continuing to pick up the paper every week. While everything will be available online Friday morning, our delivery date has changed to Sunday mornings! 

Please be sure to pick up an issue the next time you’re on campus!


Bailey Morrison, Editor-in-Chief