Dwight Hall roof to be refurbished

Framingham State’s Facilities and Capital Planning Operations department will undertake a $600,000 project to replace the roof of Dwight Hall, according to Patricia Whitney, assistant vice president of facilities operations.  

Whitney said the roof is being replaced because it’s “beyond its useful life and has started leaking in some areas.” 

She added contractors are expected to be on site this month as they were “given a notice to proceed” and are “already working on the preliminary testing, measuring, and ordering of materials.”

The project is expected to be finished by early spring, but its completion is dependent on the weather, Whitney said.

She added when the roof replacement begins, “There will be times pedestrians will be redirected, especially at the door closest to the library. We will try to get notices out to the campus to advise them in advance.”

She said a majority of the project’s funding will be provided by the state through the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). FSU will contribute a portion of the cost.

Dale Hamel, executive vice president, said DCAMM is funding $447,000 of the project’s cost, which is included in funding for critical repairs projects on campus. He said the FSU match funding is $153,000, completing the rest of the cost of the roof. 

The funds for critical repairs projects for the whole campus over the next two years totals $5,853,132 with $4,334,132 from the state and $1,519,000 from FSU, he said.

Hamel added, “Funding for the $1.5 million is covered by the $1.3 million in borrowed funds as well as $200,000 from College Operations funding.”

He said, “There are solar panels on the Athletic Center portion of the building,” but they “will not be a part of the current roof project” because it’s a newer roof and is on a project list for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY2022).

He added other buildings on campus such as Bement House, May Hall, Henry Whittemore Library, and the Athletic Center are also in need of roof repairs. Some of these repairs are approved critical repairs projects for funding in FY2022. These projects will most likely take place in the summer of 2021. 

Hamel said there will be a critical repairs project this spring to repair the roof of Bement House, where the Admissions Center is located. 

He added the project will cost $105,000, with $79,000 coming from DCAMM and $26,000 from the FSU match funding.

Allie Gath and Robin Bannon, both seniors, have a class together in Dwight Hall and said they did not know the roof was being replaced. 

Gath said she has one class in the building and “had no idea there were even problems with the roof.”

Bannon said most of her classes are on the third floor of Dwight and she has “not noticed any issues” with the roof or ceiling. 

“But it’s also not something I have been looking for,” she added.

Alyssa Gunn, a freshman, also has a class in the building, and said the ceiling in her classroom “doesn’t seem to be leaking.”

Jared Archer, a senior, said he hasn’t “ever noticed water coming through, but there are some mean stains” on the ceiling of his third-floor classroom in Dwight Hall.

“There’s a spot in the men’s room on the third floor that you can see up into the drop ceiling,” he added. “There is paint and who knows what else peeling off the ceiling.”

[Editor’s Note: Allie Gath is a Gatepost staff member.]

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