Why so proud, boys?

This past Friday, according to an article by the New York Times published on Oct. 15, a brawl broke out outside of The Metropolitan Republican Club after an event hosting Gavin McInnes and his group of “Proud Boys.”

Now, this group is classified on the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] as a hate group known for spreading “anti-political correctness,” and “anti-white guilt” slogans. They are self-described as “western chauvinists,” while denying ties to anything alt-right.

That sounds a bit suspect, but all right.

Boys wouldn’t lie in face of allegations, right?

According to the same New York Times article, the NYPD is being criticized regarding its handling of the situation, which had three of the counter protestors, believed to be affiliated with ANTIFA, swiftly arrested following the theft of a backpack from a Proud Boy.

None of the boys engaging in the beat down of the three protestors were arrested on the spot, though the NYPD later announced its intentions to arrest nine of the Proud Boys.

Of course, the group’s founder bragged about how none of his supporters were involved with the violence that was videotaped, despite the members being part of a literal brawl on the streets of Manhattan.

Even though the article describes the dispersal of the 20 or so boys upon arrival of the police, I have to wonder why the one who made a claim about the stolen backpack wasn’t arrested on the spot for their involvement in the brawl.

Why was this event allowed when this group has an actual history of violence, and is classified as a hate group?

Now, I have to say that the article cites surveillance footage that shows the protestors throwing a plastic bottle at the boys out of frame.

So, they started, but it doesn’t mean the Proud Boys are innocent when they started smashing faces in.

This harkens to a bigger problem I’ve been noticing, which is the elevation of these far-right groups to platforms where they can spout nonsense and call for violence.

While I can understand the free-speech angle to some degree, the idea of letting a group like this one onto a stage when they have been known to get violent is beyond infuriating.

Why do we still allow hate groups to propagate like roaches?

It couldn’t possibly be to stoke this idiotic notion of victimhood in young white men, right?

There’s nothing to be “proud” about when you’re involved in a hate group that espouses the virtues of something like chauvinism.