The Pawgress Report: One Lovely Lily

(Courtesy of Cesareo Contreras.)

Introducing Lily, senior Cesareo Contreras’ sweet-toothed poodle and dachshund mix.

Contreras first learned about Lily through his aunt Yocasta, who was living in New York at the time. While in New York, Yocasta had taken it upon herself to care for many stray dogs. She would then look to re-house those dogs with suitable owners.

A year after losing their dog Kiwi, the Contreras’ had their heart set on getting another dog. Soon after deciding it was time to get a new dog, they found out that Yocasta had just the perfect candidate waiting for her forever home.

As the Contreras’ entered Yocasta’s home, they were greeted by a perplexing looking puppy, whose her hair was pinned up with barrettes. “She looked a little funky when we first picked her up … but she would quickly become the cutest dog to us,” said Contreras.

After a much-needed hairstyle upgrade, Lily embarked on her journey to Massachusetts. Lily had been with two previous families, so it took her a couple of weeks to branch out and open up to them.

Over time, Lily warmed up to everyone and developed a particularly close bond with Contreras’ mother and his older sister, Elizabeth. “She tolerates me, but she really loves my mom and my sister,” said Contreras.

Shortly after bringing Lily home, Contreras discovered she had quite a unique talent. “When she was younger, she would always stand on her hind legs. We joke that she may even break some record for ‘the world’s longest hind-standing dog,’” Contreras said.

To bolster her already impressive hind-leg strength, Lily also took to walking down the stairs with her left leg permanently poised in midair.

Calisthenics are no problem for this pooch.

When Lily isn’t practicing her debut performance for the Cirque du Soleil, she enjoys kicking back and mellowing out with a spoonful of ice cream. “She loves vanilla ice cream, but we don’t give her too much because after her previous owners did, she ended up getting an infected tooth,” said Contreras.

Despite a rigorous exercise routine, Lily knows how to live it up. In fact, she once scarfed down a sizeable portion of a custom cake in one sitting, now that’s what I call a successful cheat day.

“It was one of the bakeries featured on Shark Tank … we thought she would get sick from it, but she ended up being just fine,” said Contreras.

The same wasn’t true for the once decadent cake.   

After chowing down, Lily finds comfort by hiding out in her nook – which is neatly nestled under the coffee table.

“She’s a princess. She does what she wants, yet, she is such a loving dog,” Contreras said.

While an entire bouquet can be flattering, the Contreras’ found out that sometimes all it takes to steal a heart is one lovely Lily.    

[Editor’s note: Cesareo Contreras is the Editor-In-Chief of The Gatepost.]