A summer request

As the final week of classes comes to a close and the devil that is finals week draws ever closer with glistening fangs and a coat made of term papers and equations, I found myself thinking of just sleep and a blissful oblivion before having to start work again over the summer.

That was the sum of it. No grand plans, no aspirations or goals, just the monotonous drudgery of work in hopes for money to sustain myself until the semester comes again.

Rather depressing, really.

I started to wonder, how many others are feeling the same way this time of the year? Is everyone just hoping for a quick and simple answer as to what should be done this summer vacation?

Well, I’d like to offer an alternative – one I intend to do myself, so let’s try this little adventure together, shall we?

I propose this one objective – do something meaningful this summer vacation.

It doesn’t have to be anything profound such as creating a life or saving one, though if you manage to do either that deserves high praise. No, instead, I simply request you do something that will produce anything or give a sense of satisfaction that simply earning a wage cannot do.

Have a library of games you want to complete? Take the time to do it and enjoy!

Have a story that’s been brewing in your head? Write it down and share it or tuck it away.

Go for an aimless walk and see the world around you. Visit another country or city and unplug, make connections with strangers and talk. Learn a new language or skill, one that you may not need, but have always wanted to know.

I’ll be trying to teach myself Japanese and writing for publication on my own, so you’ll not be alone.

Just do something, anything, besides just sitting around and working like an expendable machine because that’s what the world may view you as.

Tell the world to be silent by doing something meaningful.

I also suggest watching Neil Gaiman’s speech for Harvard students, “Make Good Art,” as it’s a wonderful speech to inspire your own dreams and Gaiman’s voice is just lovely.

To everyone who has been working like crazy this entire semester, be proud to have survived another term and good luck to you in the future – whether you graduate or return with us in the fall.

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