SGA celebrates itself

President Kyle Rosa shared positive messages about SGA from the campus. Corey McFeeley / THE GATEPOST

SGA members addressed concerns about the organization’s spending and behaviors during its meeting on Tuesday, April 17.

Senator Seth Signa began open forum by saying he wanted to address “the elephant in the room” regarding funding at previous SGA meetings.

He said, “I think going forward, there needs to be some sort of discussion about SGA funding itself past a certain amount and whether SGA itself can do that or if an outside body needs to do that.”

He added, “I wasn’t here, but I just want to voice my opinion and say last week’s meeting was a horrible event. … I think SGA and senate did not take into account about half of the student population.”

Senator Marquis Sims said he is concerned that many students don’t realize what SGA does or that the money SGA allocates comes from students’ fees. 

President Kyle Rosa said, “I’d like to address that a lot of different people here have a lot of different opinions and feel a lot of different things. And I’d like to acknowledge that that’s a good thing and it’s positive that we don’t all agree. If every single decision was unanimous in this room, then there would be a problem.”

He continued, “What I do want to acknowledge is that it is not OK to say that the majority made the wrong decision and that meetings went horrible, just because one opinion didn’t shine through.”

Rosa also reminded senators they all have the same amount of power and can use that power to make changes in SGA if they see fit. He encouraged people to go to eBoard members, SILD or the SGA advisor with any plans.

“Decide what you want and then implement it. If you want changes, make them,” he added.   

Rosa also presented the SGA year overview. He shared a document titled, “Campuses View’s [sic] on SGA this year,” which included positive statements from various administrators and students from Brother to Brother (B2B) and the Equestrian Club.

He also shared a list of SGA’s accomplishments for the year. He highlighted for the audience the implementation of the online open forum, the increase in the number of SGA members, the organization’s handicap accessibility initiatives and new SGA campaigns and committees.

Rosa said he wanted to acknowledge all the SGA members as student leaders and thank them for their work.

During his senate chair report, Mike O’Brien announced Corinne Hall Towers would be getting a kitchen and some new furniture over the summer.

Also at the meeting, members of B2B shared about their experiences at the conference they attended in Florida.