Ferr or Foul: Cowboys release Dez Bryant

On Friday, April 13, the Dallas Cowboys cut one of their best wide receivers in franchise history; Dez Bryant.

Bryant, who is 29 years old, was scheduled to make $12.5 million this season. By cutting the receiver, Dallas will save $8.5 million in cap space.

During Bryant’s eight-year tenure with the team, he ranked in the top three in receptions, top five in receiving yards and number one in receiving touchdowns in franchise history.

Dallas presumably cut Bryant because his production over the last few seasons did not measure up to the salary he was receiving.

Bryant has failed to cross the 1,000 yard threshold in each of the last three seasons, and failed to catch double-digit touchdowns in each of those seasons.

Frankly, that kind of production does not deserve the pay Bryant was lined up to make in 2018.

Cutting Bryant leaves the Cowboys quite vulnerable at the position, leaving Terrance Williams as one of their biggest threats. Williams has never had a 1,000 yard season and has only caught for over 800 yards one time in his five-year career.

Dallas also has Cole Beasley, but much like Williams, Beasley also has never had a 1,000 yard season and has only had over 800 yards one time in his six-year career.

The Cowboys brought in free agent Allen Hurns during this offseason which could be a major help. Hurns has had a successful career in Jacksonville, catching over 1,000 yards with double-digit touchdown catches in his career. However, the problem with Hurns is his health.

Hurns has had a difficult time in his career staying healthy, playing just one full, 16-game season in his four-year NFL career.

As for Bryant, he is now a free agent looking for work for the upcoming NFL season.

Many NFL teams have shown interest in Bryant, including the Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans and the New York Giants.

But perhaps the most intriguing location for Bryant is the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens have already revamped their receiving corps this offseason, bringing in Michael Crabtree from Oakland and John Brown from Arizona, but they could use an experienced outside receiver like Bryant.

Baltimore has had a history, under Head Coach John Harbaugh, of bringing in older receivers who appear to be on the downside of their careers and reviving them.

The Ravens have brought in aging receivers such as Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith, Sr. and Mike Wallace in recent memory and turned their careers around.

Boldin came to Baltimore and produced over 800 yards in all three seasons. He also helped the team to a Super Bowl victory, catching over 100 yards with a touchdown in the game.

Smith Sr. came to Baltimore in his mid 30s and caught 1,000 yards once in his time with the team.

Wallace went to the Ravens fresh off a season in which he played in every game and only caught for 400 yards for the Vikings. In his first season in Baltimore, Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco turned him into a 1,000 yard receiver.

If Dez Bryant wants to revive his career and become productive yet again, Baltimore is the spot for him.

The Ravens are interested in Bryant and already have a very good defense. If Bryant goes to Baltimore, he would seriously improve the offense and spring the Ravens into the Super Bowl-contender conversation.