Student Government Association makes a difference

Within the mission of the Student Government Association (SGA), it states that members will advocate on behalf of the student body, uphold the ideals of a democratic society and foster student growth through community and leadership opportunities. SGA meets these requirements every year, but over the recent semesters, these 34 student leaders went above and beyond the mission.

Some of the most impressive achievements that senate accomplished this year are: extending the library’s hours during finals week, providing new furniture and resources for the organizations to utilize within the club rooms, appointing 22 student representatives to multiple governance committees, co-sponsoring the “No Room for Hate” campaign to bring unity to campus and brought three new automatic door opening buttons to high-traffic buildings.

As the SGA president, I get to directly work with the eight other Executive Board members and our advisor. These elected members have taken on the duties of their positions and done more than required. Some examples include expanding presidents’ council into a more informative group session, budgeting every club’s expense to keep the Student Activities Trust Fund on track, keeping meetings energized and working with students to make higher education more affordable. Outreach has never been more successful, with revolutionary new ideas and retention higher than ever before. Numerous student concerns have been resolved and new approaches have been taken to revamp FSU traditions. Finally, the group has worked together every step of the way and given constant support to one another.

A team is only as strong as its weakest member, but fortunately for SGA, the 25 senators who make up the bulk of the organization are some of the most passionate students on campus. Typically, senators fulfill the basic requirements of attending weekly committee meetings, fulfilling office hours and voting at senate meetings. Not only were these requirements met, but they also created their own opportunities to get involved and made the SGA office a more welcoming environment.

Additionally, they have remained open minded when listening to club’s requests and done a phenomenal job at representing the desires of the student body. This is shown during monitored debates, in which individuals clearly communicate their perspectives and persuade others on their stance. This is done in a respectful manner with a goal of voting for what is best for the majority.

What is most impressive is seeing underclassmen senators take of their own initiatives. I am utterly astonished by the “Silver Ribbon” campaign and the “Hate Ends Here” ad-hoc committee. These two initiatives are led by two self-driven freshmen. The “Silver Ribbon” campaign’s target audience is student athletes. It is bringing different resources to the athletes regarding the importance of remaining healthy and preventing concussions. Similarly, the “Hate Ends Here” committee has been working with athletics to create a more welcoming environment in the gym while improving the space.

I couldn’t be prouder of all the accomplishments and improvements that SGA has completed this year.

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