Colton’s Couture: The colors of Spring

As spring cautiously approaches, many students’ wardrobes are also slowly changing in hopes that the warm weather will follow.

With each season that comes along, new colors are predicted to be part of the biggest trends in fashion for the next three or four months. This season, Pantone, a system for creating colors and deeming them appropriate for either the fashion or paint world, has released 16 colors that capture the essence of spring.

The colors for this spring range from brown to off-white hues.

As I have walked to class in previous days, as well as scrolled through my Instagram feed, I have noticed many lighter shades of colors such as light pinks, blues and yellows, all of which I am a huge fan.

Many of you may be thinking, “Wow, how riveting. Pastels for spring.” I know, it seems very much like something out of the film “The Devil Wears Prada,” where Meryl Streep plays the fierce Miranda Priestly, who sarcastically tells a staff member how groundbreaking floral is for spring. In reality, after a long and brutal winter, which seems endless, these lighter shades are a small reminder that warm weather is on the way.

Looking at Pantone’s top-12 color palette, along with the top four classic color palette for spring 2018, many of the colors are similar to those worn by students around campus.

Some of my favorites out of the top-12 color palette include Blooming Dahlia, a peach-like shade that suggests a softly blooming dahlia, with an understated appeal that will surely be noticed. Meadowlark, a bold and lively yellow shade that is positive to pop, but isn’t too alarming to the eye. Almost Mauve, a gentle and very light pink color that is delicate and almost seems to appear off-white, but shows the slightest hue of pink.

If I’m going to be honest, all of the colors are appealing and beautiful, except for Emperador, a rich chocolate brown color that reminds me of a literal piece of chocolate that is too dark for spring.

Come on Pantone, brown for spring? Not a fan.

Out of the classic top-four color palette – Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist and Warm Sand are my favorites. Sailor Blue is a shade of navy with a nautical vibe that makes me long for summer. Harbor Mist is a mid-tone dove gray which is sure to go with anything you wear. Lastly, Warm Sand is a neutral warm tan shade that will connect spring to summer.

All of the colors are sure to help transition anyone’s wardrobe from winter to spring. Sure enough – as I have mentioned before – I have already seen many of these colors around campus and may even see them in my closet very soon.

Oh spring, how I hope you appear soon!