SGA gears up for a Ram-packed end of the spring semester

(Two senators were sworn into SGA during its weekly meeting on March 27. Photo by Oscairy Tavarez.)

Two new senators were sworn in during SGA’s weekly meeting on March 27. Now with 34 members, this semester’s senate is the largest in recent history.

SGA President Kyle Rosa said, “Can you believe that it is the end of March and we’re still growing? I cannot believe it. … We have never been this big before, so I’m kind of shocked.”

Abigail Salvucci, representing the class of 2021, and Ashleigh Whigham, representing the class of 2020, were sworn in by Rosa.

During the meeting, four members of The Gatepost presented about their experience at the College Media Association Conference in New York City from March 7-10. The students received funding from SGA for trip.

The members said they learned about design, recruitment, representation and leadership during the sessions they attended. Editor-in-Chief Cesareo Contreras said the newspaper will be holding a “fake news game show” on April 11 in the Alumni Room based on a similar event members attended during the conference.

Also during the meeting, SUAB President Kayleigh MacMaster appeared before the senate to answer questions about changes the organization is making to its constitution.

Changes included the redistribution of the treasurer’s duties to include planning two fundraisers per semester. It also included splitting the single entertainment coordinator position into one on-campus position and one off-campus position.

MacMaster said, “As it stands, we have a fundraising coordinator. So, they do the fundraising events and then they do homecoming weekend, but we kind of wanted to switch up the positions because we want every position to be able to plan events. As it stood, the treasurers just kind of updated our budget, but they didn’t even really do that because we had so many transactions going on that it was really SILD that updates our budget. So, we took fundraising coordinator and stuck them under treasurer.”

Senator Adam Scanlon asked how many hours SUAB members were dedicating to their positions on average, saying he was concerned students may feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of their positions on top of class work.

MacMaster said SUAB officers are required to hold two office hours per week and typically spend about one hour outside of that completing their duties.

Isaac Vu, SUAB vice president and senator, added SUAB officers are generally able to complete their work during their office hours.

All proposed changes were approved.

Five clubs presented funding requests during the meeting.

Equestrian Club received $1,792.50 for a trail ride at Stowe Farm that will be held on April 28.

Psychology Club received $661 for mason jars customized with their club logo to hand out during Sandbox.

Brother to Brother received $3,939 for food, T-shirts, hats, prizes and a DJ for their King of the Court event, which is a three-versus-three basketball tournament.

Afro-Caribbean Dance Group received $2,189 to hold a flag football tournament on April 22. $2,010 will go to T-shirts and the rest will go toward snacks and trophies.

During both Brother to Brother and Afro-Caribbean Dance Group’s funding requests, Student Trustee Karl Bryan raised issue with the bulk of funding going toward T-shirts.

Math Club received $1,450 for 40 tickets and a bus to the Museum of Science on April 22.

In other news:

– Senator of the Month was awarded to Erin Dempsey.

– Senator Erin Johnson presented the U-Rock to SGA’s advisor Amanda Haskins.

– SGA members their votes for Senator of the Year. The winner will be announced during the All University Banquet.