Mx. FSU showcases student talent

(Herr dances to Jaden Smith's "icon." Photo by Corey Mcfeeley.)

When junior Tommy Herr came on stage with a sweater around his neck, his charisma and school spirit won the judges over instantly and eventually earned him the title of Mx. FSU 2018.

SUAB hosted their yearly pageant, Mx. FSU on March 22 in DPAC.

Lorretta Holloway, vice president of student enrollment, Kyle Rosa, previous Mx. FSU and senior, and David Baldwin, associate dean of students, judged the competition.

The contestants were freshman Tyler Crowly, seniorsTyler Crowly and Marquis Sims and junior Ryan Buchanan and Herr.

Contestants competed in a costume contest, a talent portion and a question and answer segment.

The costume portion showcased Sims in a pizza poncho joking, “I’m delivery, not Digiorno.” Buchanan strutted around in American boxing attire, claiming “Rocky IV” was the best in the series, Crowly wore a Hawaiian shirt and gold shorts and Greiner in a futuristic outfit saying they were from the future.

For talent, Grenier came out in a new outfit – a star romper with a train. They sang Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” while dancing and twirling during the instrumental portions.

Herr danced to Jaden Smith’s “Icon” in a purple sweatshirt, jeans and socks. He got the audience cheering as he moonwalked across the stage.

Buchanan came out in a polo tucked into cargo shorts and glasses. “Who remembers the third grade?” he asked, before playing a track from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack on the recorder.

Sims performed stand-up comedy under the name Deep Dish. He sat at the edge of stage with a water bottle next to him. “I can’t imagine I will need this in the next few minutes, but every comic has one,” he joked.

He discussed topics such as how he came to choose comedy as his talent, girls vs. boys at bars, his goal of being a stay-at-home dad and how “desperately” single he is.

Senior Genesis Guerrero said, “I liked Tommy’s dancing and Ross was so cute. … I feel the school needs more events like this.”

Senior Sarah Strike agreed with Guerrero and said, “I liked Ross’ second outfit. They made the event their own.”

The next segment was the question and answer portion. Contestants were asked four questions: “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” “Living or dead, who would you want to be best friends with?” “What is your major and why did you choose it?” “What is your favorite day of the year?”

Herr said he would want to go to the North Pole because Santa Clause would be his friend and he would have endless amounts of hot cocoa.

Sims at first said he wanted to go to California. “I would have to ask my mom first and they have earthquakes and we have the Patriots. … Never mind.”

After deliberation from the judges, Rosa presented first, second and third place. Sims won third because he made the “judges laugh the hardest,” Grenier won second and Herr took first because he displayed the most school spirit.

Unlike previous years, the winners were able to pick their prizes. Herr chose Beats headphones, Greiner chose a 32-inch smart TV and Sims received the Beats Pill speaker.

Event host and sophomore Yamile Lugo Rodriguez said Herr “represented the fun side of being a Ram, but all participants have wonderful qualities.”