Republicans… we need to talk

Permit me to be blunt.

The Republican Party is no longer fit to be associated with figures such as Lincoln or Reagan, but is instead a disgusting parody of itself.

A rotten, meandering zombie stuffing dollar bills into its pockets while Americans burn with frustration, and all with that idiotic grin Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has permanently affixed to his face.

And yet, there are still people who associate themselves with this undead party and indeed, keep harping about the sins of Hillary, the Clintons in general, the Democrats and everything under the moon aside from their own.

I have to ask you – will you please take a moment to reconsider?

Let us first look at the state of our country’s debt, which is still skyrocketing as I write and will not be fixed within any of our lifetimes. Meanwhile, Republican senators allowed a tax bill that would not only boost that debt significantly, but also affect all of our tax rates in the long term for the sake of CEOs and companies who are already über-wealthy.

Does that sound like a wonderful plan to anyone who isn’t already rich?

How about the gross oversight of nepotism? Trump’s children are in positions they should not even be remotely near, all the while still participating in their businesses and exchanging political clout for cash. Doesn’t the idea of Kushner’s involvement in the Middle East based on profits rather than the betterment of our nation and its standing in the world draw concern?

What of the abuses of our legal system? Look at Pennsylvania with its grossly gerrymandered districts. The court justices determined this practice unfair, unconstitutional toward citizens within the state and so, in the name of justice, struck down those plans to make the process fair for everyone.

GOP members in Pennsylvania have filed for the impeachment of those justices, simply because they disagree with the court’s ruling.

Let’s look at the man who blatantly disregards our interests abroad – President Donald Trump – who not only failed to openly condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin for poisoning two former Russian spies on English soil and his country’s meddling in our 2016 election, but instead called to congratulate him on winning a rigged election.

Of course, what can be made of the president’s attacks on Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller who is investigating him? If America is to be a land of laws and not an oligarchy, why is the man in power able to shout and bluster about his innocence and attempt to shut down the investigation?

Republicans, those of you who are willing to see there is more at stake than simply “us vs them” or any other tribal mentality that has been imprinted onto our country from talking heads in the media, is this truly OK in your eyes?

If not, please consider another course and cease this madness.

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