The ABC Network and producers of “American Idol” should not be exploiting their male contestants as Katy Perry’s objects of affection and flirtation.

Perry blatantly displayed her power as a judge when she inappropriately kissed Benjamin Glaze, a 19-year-old contestant who moments before said he had never kissed a girl because “[he] can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship.”

Though Glaze willingly approached Perry’s beckoning call and gave her a peck on the cheek, she convinced him to give her cheek another kiss because the first one “didn’t even make the smush sound.”

When Glaze leaned back in with puckered lips, Perry swiftly turned her head and planted a kiss directly on his lips.

Glaze hit the floor as Perry raised her hands in victory while her male counterparts, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, celebrated her trickery.

Once again, another member of the Hollywood elite has been exposed for abusing their fame and power, but because she’s a woman it’s been chalked up to playful flattery as the show’s focus during the two-part premiere was directed toward Perry’s fawning over many of the male contestants.

Now let’s get one thing straight, Perry is not starring in a reality TV dating game show – she’s a judge for a singing competition and should start behaving as such.

Not only that, but she should be held to the same standards as a man would be in this situation.

I find it hard to believe things would just blow over if either Richie or Bryan kissed a female contestant saving her first kiss for her first relationship.

I’m willing to bet if one of them pulled a stunt like this, they’d be booted from the show immediately.

But, because she’s a woman, it can be cut and edited to seem PG and playful, even though it’s rather creepy and disturbing to watch.

Since Harvey Weinstein, our culture has grown more aware of sexual assault and Hollywood’s power dynamics, but it’s extremely important to understand the #MeToo movement is not limited or restricted to women.

Men are sexually assaulted too.

Even if they think they can’t be because they should feel “lucky.”

In an Instagram post after the show’s premiere, Glaze wrote that although he felt “uncomfortable,” he did “not think [he] was sexually assaulted by Katy Perry.”

If time is truly up in Hollywood, then it’s time for fans and celebrities alike to stand up and speak out against all forms of sexual assault and this type of behavior.

Just because Perry is famous does not mean she should get let off the hook because of some cliché that it’s every guy’s fantasy to be kissed by a pop star.

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