The hateful eight

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While calls for gun reform sweep the nation, many are not aware of the several anti-trans House and Senate bills that are either currently in committee or being introduced in eight different states across the country.

That’s eight states too many.

Iowa’s House File 2164 seeks to amend the state’s Civil Rights Act of 1965 and to allow schools to prevent transgender students from using “toilet facilities, locker rooms, and living facilities” that match their gender identity.

Kentucky’s House Bill 326 would prohibit transgender students and school employees from using multiple-occupancy facilities that correspond to their gender identities. This bill would allow people to sue their school if they find they are using the same restroom as someone who is transgender.

Reminder: these are bills targeting children and teens.

Missouri’s House Bill 1755 would require all public, multiple-occupancy restrooms to be “gender-divided” and prohibit precincts from enacting ordinances and policies in opposition to this provision.

While this bill is identical to two other house bills that failed to pass legislation in 2016 and 2017, it’s important to remember that the Republicans continuing to introduce this bill are not discouraged by its two-time defeat.

New Hampshire’s House Bill 1532 would prohibit physicians from providing gender-reassignment surgeries to those under the age of 18, while House Bill 1560 would prohibit anyone receiving New Hampshire Medicaid from receiving hormone therapy and gender-reassignment surgery.

Both of New Hampshire’s house bills are incredibly dangerous, as they undermine the transgender community, specifically youths,  who are seeking transition-related healthcare.

Oklahoma’s Senate Bill 1223 is similar to Kentucky’s house bill as it would bar transgender students from using public school restrooms that match their gender identity. It, too, would allow students to sue their school for encountering a transgender person in their restroom.

Tennessee’s House Bill 0888 would require public school and university students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on the student’s birth-assigned sex.

Last, but certainly not least, Washington’s House Bill 1011 seeks to amend the state’s Law Against Discrimination and allow public and private entities, such as businesses and schools, to ban transgender people from using restrooms that match their gender identity.

Does this all seem grossly repetitive to you? That’s because it is.

It’s extremely disappointing to know some state legislators care more about preventing students from using the bathroom than preventing school shootings.

I don’t wish to take away from the crucial conversation concerning gun control sparked by students in Parkland, I just wish to draw necessary attention to the country’s discriminatory and anti-trans sentiments that are so prevalent amongst state legislators

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