Beauty by Bailey: Maybelline super stay matte ink

Choosing what type of makeup product is my favorite is like choosing a favorite child – no one really wants to admit it out loud, but deep down you know that you, in fact, do have a favorite.

For me that would be lipstick. For years now, I’ve been identifying my coffee cup as the one with the most lipstick residue on it.

Neck in neck with this love of makeup comes its strongest adversary – food, my other great love. And because many lipsticks fail The Taco Test, I often find myself reapplying after a meal.

However, there have been a few lipsticks that have held on through the onslaught of grease, chicken and guacamole and I’ve found yet another – the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink.

Maybelline released the liquid lipstick in two shade ranges: the “nudes” and the “un-nudes.” Naturally, I needed to try both. I picked up three shades – “visionary,” “lover” and “pioneer.”

“Visionary” is a dark lavender color with grey undertones. As a fan of pairing clothes that are olive green with a purple-toned makeup look, this screamed from the display shelf, “Buy me!”

Whether it actually screamed may be subjective. The purple bottle drew me in as soon as I saw it.

The shade “pioneer” is a classic bright red, because no makeup lover’s stash of lipstick is complete without the perfect red lipstick. … Some of us just have roughly eight different perfect red lipsticks.

The third shade I chose was “lover” – a nude, pink-toned lipstick which I find myself gravitating toward more and more when I choose to wear natural makeup. The pink hue adds a little pop to my face without being as dramatic as, say, purple.

Now, the formula. Oh, the formula. I tend to be pretty forgiving when it comes to transfer and fading of lipstick given that in an average day, I drink four cups of coffee and consume enough food to feed a small army.

However, I was shocked to find that after a full day of consuming carbs, my lipstick was perfect. Not just, “Oh, it looks OK I’m taking it off anyway.” But actually perfect. It hadn’t budged since I put it on in the morning. Of course, this formula is on the dryer side, but not to the point where I can feel it setting down on my lips. The formula is somehow lightweight while still managing to stay firmly on the lips without movement or transfer.

I will say the lipstick leaves my lips a little dry after wearing it, but that is to be expected with matte formulas.

The best part about this lipstick? At the price of $8.99, I think it’s totally worth it.