Colton’s Couture: Bean Boots

According to a survey distributed by The Washington Post, February is ranked as one of the worst months of the year.

I highly agree with this.

Even though the days are getting longer, with a minute or two of extra sunlight tacked on to each passing day, the warm days of spring still seem so far away, especially with the prediction of another six weeks of winter from our friend the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.

The months of January, February and even March are filled with cold and often unpredictable weather. One day you can step out into a snowstorm, and the next is either a monsoon or sunny with a high of 70 degrees. This my friends, is the lovely and strange weather of New England.

To those lovers of fashion, including myself, the weather can often make us feel defeated as we don’t know how to coordinate with the selfish New England weather. So, how do we make these months more bearable and fashionable, you may ask?

Bean Boots!

They are the typical snow boots that many can be seen wearing not only around campus, but throughout the Northeast.

Bean Boots, also known as the original duck boots, are beautifully crafted to fit comfortably for those long and dreary winter days. L.L. Bean created the famous Bean Boots back in 1912 when the founder of the company, Leon Leonwood Bean, returned from a hunting trip with cold, wet feet and an idea to create a boot containing rubber bottoms with soft leather uppers. Bean Boots are still popular to this day and the company has crafted many different styles to capture the eyes of many.

You may be wondering how to wear these weather-versatile handcrafted beauties. My personal favorite is to wear them with a pair of medium-washed jeans, a soft flannel, a parka and sometimes even a beanie, especially for those snowy days.

The best thing about Bean Boots is the fact they can be worn by anyone of any gender in rainy or snowy weather.

Senior Jessica Fournier said, “I love to wear [Bean Boots] with black leggings and thick wool socks to ensure my feet are warm. I also like to throw on an oversized crew-neck sweater and my favorite forest green jacket.”

With the high popularity of Bean Boots, L.L. Bean often cannot keep up with producing them and customers often have to wait months for their arrival. The good news is there are other alternatives. Retailers such as Sperry have created a look-alike pair of Bean Boots, specifically duck boots, to entice those who do not want to wait for actual L.L. Bean Boots.

The best thing about Bean Boots is they easily make any outfit complete. They also have a charming New England vibe many have grown to love.

So, what do you think? Will you be rocking Bean Boots before it’s too late?

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