Letter to the editor

I was very disheartened and deeply disappointed that my name was not on the signed faculty letter in the Feb. 9 issue of The Gatepost.

I thought I had signed the letter, but apparently, I had put my name on another list consisting of faculty wanting to take part in organizing on the campus to discuss how we can support our students through these upsetting racist occurrences.

I’m wondering if other faculty members were confused by this as well, because several names were missing from the list that should have been on it.

It is extremely important to me that my students know that I support them and that I abhor the hateful and cowardly acts that have occurred.

I’m sure other people who work at this institution feel this way as well. I can’t imagine any professor who works here who wouldn’t want his or her name to be on the letter expressing solidarity against hate crimes, for that matter.

It is essential that our students know that we hear them, respect them and value them.

Ruth Scotch

VL Art and Music


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