SGA funds student trip to see “Black Panther”

(Senators wore “No room for hate” T-shirts during their meeting on Feb. 6. Courtesy of Facebook.)

Senator Alex Backer introduced a new initiative to end harassment in the FSU gym and weight room at the SGA meeting on Feb. 6.

According to Backer, he and Vice President Jack Capello have been working since October to plan and create an ad hoc committee called Harassment Ends Here.

He said, “Basically, I noticed a problem in the gym. We noticed a lot of harassment had been going on in the gym, like unwanted stares, not really following gym etiquette.”

The pair hopes the committee can approach the issue by bringing in speakers and setting up posters and an informational table in the gym. Capello and Backer would also like to conduct a survey to get an understanding of students’ experiences in the gym.

Backer said Harassment Ends Here will “hopefully” be able to co-sponsor projects with other clubs, such as HerCampus and Brother to Brother (B2B).

There will be an interest meeting Tuesday, Feb. 13 in the 1839 Conference Room from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Also at the meeting, representatives from B2B and SGA requested $1,721.34 for a trip to see the new Marvel film, “Black Panther,” on March 2. The trip will be co-sponsored by B2B, SGA and the Comic Book Club.

One hundred tickets will be available to purchase in the Game Room for $5 each. The ticket cost includes transportation, soda, popcorn and the movie.

B2B President Deron Hines said, “This event is a beautiful thing because I was thinking Black History Month, ‘Black Panther’ and then Comic Book Club – and everything that’s Comic Book Club – I was thinking it would be perfect if we all collab and figure this out to show club unity, especially with the club unity project actually being in place.”

Hines said he hopes the event can give students a way to “get the community atmosphere up off the floor again in light of everything that’s happened.”

SGA approved the request.

Latinos Unidos N’ Acción (LUNA) requested $250 for a Club Olympics event to take place on Feb. 23 in the old gym. Student clubs will create teams of five to six people and compete in events such as tug-of-war and a three-legged race.

LUNA president Theyana Ruiz Peña said she believes campus clubs don’t have the opportunity to interact very often, so LUNA wanted to host the Campus Olympics to provide a platform for that.

She added, “It’s just going to be a fun experience to get to know one another.”

SGA allocated $210 to LUNA for the Club Olympics after removing $40 for funding balloons. FSU is a latex-free campus and University funds cannot be used to purchase balloons.

In other news:

• Jake Maradian was sworn in as a senator for the Class of 2020.

• Senator Danielle Shaw presented the U-Rock Award to Student Activity Treasurer Sarah Horwitz.

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