SGA streamlines club approval process

(Senators approved the African Student Association’s constitution on Jan. 30. Photo by Madison Rosbach.)

SGA approved the constitution for a new club called the African Student Association (ASA) during its meeting on Jan. 30.

According to the ASA’s constitution, its purpose is to “promote cultural and social awareness of African students amongst the entire student body and faculty of Framingham State University through discussions and events.”

Elinam Kumahia, the club secretary, said, “It’s for African students to embrace their culture and for non-African students to be exposed to different cultures.” The club will be open to all students, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

SGA members approved the club’s constitution.

Also at the meeting, SGA members approved an amendment to their constitution regarding the review and approval process used for other club constitutions.

Vice President Jack Capello said in the original amendment, a “club constitution would have to be seen by Constitution Committee and then twice at senate.”

He added, “With the changes made, a club who is starting up will now be able to only have to come to constitution committee and then to senate once, and this will speedline the process.”

Capello said the amendments includes more “concrete terms” that will allow the Constitution Committee to approve any changes to a constitution that the chair of the committee does not deem “major.”

During open forum, President Kyle Rosa confirmed that a Dunkin’ Donuts will be coming to campus in the near future.

Also at the meeting, M.I.S.S. requested a total of $10,678.73 for its Baltimore Trip. The trip includes a visit to the Wax Museum and “networking opportunities” with sororities.

Club officer Hannah Jones said, “We are looking forward to getting connections with other people, talking about events, and reaching networks for M.I.S.S.”

She added, “We have a list of 35 people who are interested in attending and their emails. We are bringing 40 students with one bus.”

The tickets will be sold in the game room and a date has not yet been set.

SGA approved the funding request.

Brother to Brother requested $6,746.35 for its travel conference to Florida.

Club President Deron Hines said the conference is “themed around workshops to empower younger members to be involved and has a big networking aspect.”

Students from over 40 universities across the country will be attending the conference, said Hines. Eight FSU community members will be going on the trip.

Originally, the cost of the hotel was $700 for three nights, but the cost was raised to $2,625.85. The club members did not provide a reason for the price increase and SGA members did not question them further.

Club Public Relations Officer Zae Valera said, “This trip is not gender exclusive and we plan to have an event on campus to show what we’ve learned.”

SGA approved the funding request.

In other news:

– Senator Danielle Shaw was named Senator of the Month.

– Senator Matt O’Sullivan presented the U-Rock award to Shaw.

– E-board Member of the Month went to Senate Chair Mike O’Brien.