Memo to the House

I would be lying if I said I am not concerned about the Mueller investigation occurring on Capitol Hill. I honestly spend most of my days wondering about it.

How will it end? What will it uncover?

More and more, I am feeling concerned about the prospect of everything grinding to a halt – of men and women whom I would genuinely believe have our country’s interests at heart being mocked and tossed out like so many officials in countries that America typically opposes.

On Jan. 29, I received a news alert on a vote from the House Intelligence Committee regarding a memo that had been making rounds on the media circuit.

This memo initiative, spearheaded by Devin Nunes, of all people, intended to showing how the FBI was essentially compromised in its investigation of the Trump campaign team during the 2016 election cycle, due to a bias against Trump and his team.

In recent days, there has been opposition to the release of the memo from both the FBI and Senate Democrats due to inaccuracies and a skewing of information that seems primed for simply showcasing said bias.

Naturally, this tactic displayed by the committee, something that hasn’t ever been used in its history, ultimately left the decision on whether to release this memo to the orange buffoon himself.

I wonder when he’ll tweet about it.

As of Feb. 1, Trump and the White House will release the memo despite the concerns and I can’t believe people aren’t angrier.

This isn’t just an issue of who is presenting the damn memo – Nunes recused himself from the investigation and should in no way be allowed within a foot of Mueller’s team – but now we’re having Trump be the deciding factor on whether something will be released to the public.

The man has already showed himself incapable of objectivity. Anything that calls out his bad behavior is automatically denied by his perverse sense of self, so there is no question this memo is a godsend to him against what he concerns the greatest “witch hunt” in our nation’s history.

I offer up Salem as opposition.

Previously, I commented on how the rules and conventions in our government were essentially being toyed with and not followed and this is a prime example.

This memo has been cited as inaccurate by the bloody FBI and it’s being released at a rather convenient time when Trump has ignored the Senate’s decision to apply agreed upon sanctions to Russia. Instead of condemning Trump’s lack of conviction in taking our country’s interest to heart and listening to the Senate, which technically holds real power in terms of governance over his blasted little pen, we have folks supporting the release of this memo and crying for transparency.

All to show a bias existed within the FBI and, by extension Mueller, regarding Trump, his family and the rest of his team during the election.

Mueller has already showed more commitment to transparency by removing the FBI agent who sent those anti-Trump texts from the investigation – that’s showing due diligence and ensuring objectivity.

If the House Intelligence Committee wants to pretend to care about bias, why not have both their memo and the Democrats’ memo  released at the same time?

How about they don’t push for the memo that would make their own party look good while undermining our intelligence agency?

How about they enforce recusals of individuals from cases who are not capable of being objective, hence said recusal?

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