Let’s break bread, not throw it

In a recent op-ed piece I wrote, “FSU green initiative hinders students,” I discussed my concern with the lack of printers in dorms. I stated my information was from the SGA executive board, and alluded to reading the section on printers in the FSU Climate Action Plan (CAP). I received a reply to the piece in The Gatepost last semester from Carl Hakansson, geography professor and the primary author of the CAP. Hakansson wrote, “The author is burdened by having to walk to the library to print a paper.”

First, I would like to address that I have my own HP Envy 4520 printer that works fantastically, so I don’t have to make the trip. Second, I wrote the piece for all students who have talked to me personally about the inconvenience. So, if Hakansson is so “puzzled,” I’m sure he can speak to one of the many students I represent in SGA’s open forum.

To be clear, I never drew attention to a specific person. I explicitly blamed the institution, though I fear Hakansson took my complaint personally, judging by the offensive tone of his reply. His response also demonstrated poor knowledge of previous student resources on campus.

Hakansson said in his response that he had no knowledge of printers ever being in dorms. Incidentally, a student commented on Hakansson’s response online, saying there were printers in O’Connor while it was a residence hall.

According to IT Service Desk Supervisor Jacqueline Lovell, there used to be printers in several residence halls. She said, “They were probably taken out in 2013 or 2014 most likely due to being broken and not under warranty anymore.”

The point of the original piece was to highlight a major issue students constantly complain about but FSU does not take seriously. Other issues I have addressed include the simplicities of having hand soap in dormitories. I am not the first, or the last, student to feel FSU is not putting its students first.

The response to my piece by Hakansson is just more reason to believe that instead of responding to students’ issues, the focus of FSU is simply on upholding its reputation and thus my conclusion in “FSU green initiative hinders students” still rings true – “To put it brutally, the school is more concerned with its title than the productivity of its students.”

If I was mistaken in my interpretation of this issue, then you have my sincerest regards. But this doesn’t change the severity of how Hakansson responded.

It is not the job of an educator to reprimand students for their mistakes, but to teach them.

A more appropriate response would have been to email me to discuss his concerns and, together, we could have found a solution. Instead, I received comments that insulted my intelligence and work ethic.

This is a chance for faculty and students to collaborate for a better FSU. As my mother says, “It’s time to put your big girl panties on and deal with it.” So, let us deal with it together, not against each other.

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