The Pawgress Report: A pinch of Ginger

Introducing Ginger, English professor Lynn Parker’s people-pleasing collie mix from Puerto Rico.

Parker had her sights set on a mellow-tempered dog. One that would be calm and well suited for walks near a busy road, where Parker and her family live.

Ginger would fit that mold – or so the Parkers thought.

When they arrived at Sterling Animal Shelter, she was greeted by a symphony of woofs, ranging from high-pitched squeaks to deep bellowing howls.

Amidst the canine crescendo was Ginger, who sat seemingly unaware of all the ruckus.

Soon after, Parker decided to meet Ginger. “She was very smart, charming and a little mouthy, but I knew she’d be the one I’d pick,” said Parker.

It was only after Parker had adopted Ginger that she found out she had been spayed the morning of the visit, which explained her unexpected groggy and subdued nature.

“It was like they pulled a bait-and-switch,” Parker said jokingly. As her medication wore off, Ginger perked up and showed her true colors. “She was all heart and her goofiness only made her more charming,” Parker added.

Ginger quickly become accustomed to her new home and before long, she was even setting her own schedule. “She gets angry if I don’t go to bed on time and she’ll starting pawing at me to do so,” said Parker.

After attaining her beauty sleep, Ginger is ready to take on the day. Often, her routine begins with a family stroll. “She loves to walk with us. She also has held on to her herding dog instincts and enjoys keeping us all in line.” said Parker.

If anyone decides to wander too far, Ginger will gradually move closer to the straggler and give them a gentle nose boop on the back of the legs until they are all in order once more.

It’s no question that all this nose nudging works up an appetite. So not long after, Ginger is ready for a snack. Being the “original omnivore,” Ginger will eat anything from chicken to the unguarded kibble she snatches from the cats.

There is only one thing that Ginger loves more than food and that’s…


New socks, old socks, red socks, blue socks, stinky socks, argyle socks, ripped socks, wrinkly socks, plain socks, candy cane socks and her favorite socks – those still on their owner’s feet.

The esteemed sock connoisseur has also made quite the impression on those she meets, both human and animal alike.

“My kids are totally enamored with her and they are constantly taking pictures of her on Snapchat. The neighbor also loves her … and she has a knack for getting other dogs to play,” Parker said.

“She brightened up the household in ways I could have never anticipated,” she added.

It turns out that sometimes the missing ingredient is just a pinch of Ginger.

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