SGA discusses icy conditions and gym equipment

[Athena Venetsanakos]

Students voiced concerns about icy conditions at the SGA meeting on Dec. 6.

During open forum, several senators expressed concern about the icy conditions on campus due to the snowfall that occurred on Dec. 5. Worries about unsalted stairs outside Horace Mann Hall were expressed along with multiple sidewalks along West Hall.

Senator Fallon Soye said, “The heated steps by West were not on and there was no salt on them. I noticed even going down the step from McCarthy to West that entire path was all ice.”

Senator Mike O’Brien addressed the lack of press machines in the University gym. He also brought forward concerns about the outdated equipment. He said, “I think we should invest in new machines – a lot of people use the gym.”

The History Club was allocated $19,078 for their spring break trip to Philadelphia, which will take place on March 12th-16th.

SGA approved the Politics Club and Latinos Unidos N’Accion (LUNA) constitutions.

Senator Soye, who sits on the All University Committee, reported on additional classes being added for the upcoming semesters. One of the new classes is a general education course.

She said, “They also added a civic literacy definition which is going to be implemented for all students. It’s basically another gen. ed. I don’t believe that applies to us right now.”

In other news

Senator Sarah Horwitz presented Senator Steven Demeo with the U-ROCK award.

Senator Seth Signa was selected as the senator of the month award.

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