A playground for all: Pride Alliance hosts fun for people of color and LGBTQ+

(Students had the opportunity to de-stress at the Queer Brown Playground, which aimed to bring minority communities together. Photo by Erin Fitzmaurice)

Music plays in the background as a group of students play games, color, make bracelets and de-stress as the end of the semester approaches.

Queer Brown Playground, hosted by Pride Alliance and the Center for Inclusive Excellence, was an event meant “to celebrate people specifically from the LGBTQ+ spectrum that are also people of color,” said senior Priscilla Portugal-Moreno.

The event was held on Wednesday, Nov. 30 in North Hall Commons.

“We can build a community that way,” added Portugal-Moreno.

At the playground, students had the opportunity to play games such as Uno, Apples to Apples and Jenga. There were also coloring pages that featured Beyoncé, and students could make friendship bracelets.

Sodexo provided a hot chocolate station, pizza and wings.

Junior Zachariah Pierce said the event “is a great way to unwind during a stressful time.”

Senior Cindy Nelson said, “Crafting, food and music – what better way to bring people together?”

Freshman Robert Johnson said, “It’s an opportunity to bring these diverse communities together.”

Event coordinator and senior Danielle Butler said she got the idea for the playground after attending a picnic for people not only of color but also part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I thought we needed a space for multiple minorities to be together – especially after the recent election. Hopefully, we can do more of these types of events in the future,” she said.

Senior and President of Pride Alliance Rylan O’Day agreed, “I feel like it is important for minority groups to get together as one.”

Junior Monét Johnson said, “It is important to have the space where people of color and LGTBQ+ belong.”

Junior Jace Williams said, “I’m excited to see more LGBTQ+ events that are based on having fun instead of focusing on the sadness that exists in the community.”   

Director of Equal Opportunity, Title IX and ADA Compliance Kim Dexter said the event gives an “opportunity to explore the intersections of identity. It gives people a space to recognize and celebrate that.”

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