The Pawgress Report: Looking North

Introducing Ollie and Maya, junior sociology major Marissa Rousseau’s mischievous, expressive and totally goofy doggy duo.

The Rousseaus adopted both dogs from Pawfect Life Rescue in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Ollie and Maya came to the shelter from Alabama.

According to Rousseau, while Maya was simply dropped off at the shelter, Ollie had a particularly rough start to life. “He was abandoned by his previous owner, thrown into a trash can and left to fend for himself.”

Despite his early neglect, Ollie soon found and adapted easily to a loving home with the Rousseaus. Soon after they adopted Ollie, the shelter called the Rousseaus about a pup that had just arrived. “They encouraged us to adopt Maya, and told us she looked just like a girl version of Ollie. It didn’t take much to convince us, and soon after, we adopted Maya.”

Rousseau said the mixed-breed pair love to play, and when they’re together, all sorts of shenanigans ensue. “This one time, they locked my grandpa out of our house in Maine. My grandpa went outside to check on something, and before he could make it back into the house, one of the dogs shut the door and ended up locking him out of it.     

“Another time, my dad and my sister took Ollie on a drive to the store with them. Somehow, Ollie managed to fit through the back window of my dad’s truck and he stood on the bed as they were driving down the highway. My dad finally noticed Ollie when he saw him in the rear-view mirror. When my dad told my sister, she freaked out and pulled on his leash, causing Ollie to spring forward and mush his face against the back window. Luckily, he climbed right back in after that and was still wagging away,” said Rousseau.

When Ollie isn’t truck-surfing down the interstate, he’s quite lazy. “Maya always wants to play, but for the most part, Ollie is super laid back,” said Rousseau. When Ollie won’t play, Maya uses him as a personal punching bag, pawing at his head until he finally gets up to run around with her.

Both Ollie and Maya have extremely expressive faces, but Ollie takes things to new heights with his affectionately named “raptor eyes.” “Ollie has yellowish eyes, and when he gets excited, they widen even more and he perks up and ends up looking like a raptor who’s spotted prey.”

However, when Maya’s excited, she slides and sprints around all the furniture in the house. “If you say the word ‘walk,’ they will both start running around, but Maya goes really crazy. She’ll get random bursts of energy and run around the coffee table in our living room,” said Rousseau. 

The duo also share a love of food, but they are especially fond of almonds. While Maya waits patiently for her treat, Ollie opens and closes his mouth repeatedly as though he is catching an invisible morsel of food. “We have no idea why he does it, but it’s pretty adorable to watch,” Rousseau added.    

When the two are all tuckered out from a day of play, they enjoy cuddling on the couch. “They are great cuddlers, and they lay on top of you when they don’t want you to leave,” Rousseau said.

“They can sure be crazy at times, but they’re hilarious, full of personality and we love them both.”

Editor’s note: “The Pawgress Report” is a bi-weekly column featuring FSU students and their dogs.