The Gatepost Editorial: FSU needs a single calender

Lately, it seems, finding a comprehensive list of events on campus is near impossible.

From Campus Happenings, to Campus Currents, to FSUgo, to FSU’s own website – nearly every calendar of events is incomplete, and some events go completely unannounced and unadvertised.

We at The Gatepost believe the University needs to create a single calendar system that would include all of the events happening on campus.

It is unacceptable that for a student to have a complete list of the events in a given week, they have to cross check at least four different calendars – and will still probably not have a complete idea of everything happening on campus.

FSU’s own website calendar features only two events between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester, while Campus Happenings features over a dozen. Why create the calendar system if you’re not going to use it?

For students, the most relied upon source of information about events is Campus Happenings, otherwise known as the Toilet Times.

You shouldn’t have to sit on a toilet to learn about the events happening on campus.

This leaves commuter students, who usually just attend class and then head home, at a disadvantage. Having a calendar they can access easily on their phone, either via their email or an online venue, could help commuters get more involved.

Additionally, many of the current calendars provide zero context for the events they publicize. They simply state the name of the event and the time and the place, which is all well and good until no one shows up because they didn’t know what the event is about.

And for the record, attendance at events is scarce. The Gatepost has editorialized about low attendance and insufficient advertising before, but this year, editors have noticed a startling drop in turnout.

A single calendar that provides a complete list and description of events should be sent to all students, faculty, staff and administrators weekly via email.

Clubs are already required to register all of their events on Collegiate-link. They should also be required to submit a brief summary of their events, and this should automatically be sent to the preferred calendar.

This way, students could easily access the list, read the descriptions and decide which events they would like to attend.

Additionally, there would be less of a need for extra advertisements for events.

While some may believe a complete list would be a bit overwhelming, this can easily be fixed with a color-coded system, in which the user could select a color to view one type of event, such as orange for sports games and purple for Arts & Ideas.

There are too many proverbial chefs in the calendar kitchen. A single, complete calendar will put an end to the confusion surrounding campus events.

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