Framingham hangs on against Westfield, headed to New England Bowl

Framingham bounced back from a rough overtime loss last week with a 42-34 offensive outburst win over Worcester State.

Framingham began its drive with four consecutive rushes from Quron Wright for 16 total yards before an Adam Wojenski incompletion on third down to force a punt.

The Rams defense was able to force a three-and-out, allowing only five yards to the opposition.

Following the punt Framingham was unable to get anything going, going three-and-out after an eight-yard rush from Jalen Green and back-to-back incompletions from Wojenski.

Worcester State began their next drive with a 69-yard completion from Mike Kadlick to Anthony Brooks. After the big gain, Matt Lezama made quick work with the good field position scoring from 12 yards out. With the score Worcester gained the lead at 7-0.

Framingham went back to what was working for them with the rushing attack. The Rams rushed three consecutive plays for a first down with five yards coming from Trevon Offley and seven from Wojenski. With a new set of downs, Offley gained 31 yards on the next play, pushing Framingham into the red zone. Offley rushed on back-to-back plays for six yards forcing a third-and-goal from four yards out. Offley was able to score from four yards tying the game once again at 7-7.

The Lancers began their drive with three consecutive rushes from Dexter Andrews for 15 yards, moving the chains. Following back-to-back incompletions from Kadlick, Andrews gained three yards on the ground forcing a fourth down. Kadlick was able to find Brooks for an eight-yard completion and a first down. After Kadlick connected with Brooks for an additional six yards, he found Eddy Boamah for nine yards giving them a first down in the red zone. Following a Kadlick completion to Matthew Stewart for three yards, Kadlick rushed for six yards on back-to-back plays forcing a fourth down. After a one-yard rush from Andrews, Kadlick extended the lead to 14-7 with a two-yard rush on first-and-goal.

Following a two-yard rush from Green, Wojenski connected with Michael Calicchio for 19 yards. With a new set of downs, Green rushed for four yards. After a Green rush for no gain, Wojenski connected with Green for 10 yards and a first down. Wojenski’s pass on first down fell incomplete but after the incompletion he gained five yards on the scramble. Following a two-yard loss on third down from Green, Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete forcing a turnover on downs.

The Rams forced a three-and-out allowing only three yards before a punt.

Wojenski began the drive with a 17-yard completion to Colby Frodel, moving the ball to the Lancers side of the field. After a rush for no gain from Wojenski, Green gained 10 yards on the ground for another first down. Offley kept the momentum going with a 10-yard rush. After back-to-back rushes from Offley for three yards, Wojenski connected with Calicchio for seven yards giving them a first down. Following a four-yard rush from Offley, Wojenski connected with Calicchio for a seven-yard touchdown tying the game at 14.

The Lancers couldn’t get much going with penalties derailing their drive and forcing a punt after six plays for 15 yards.

Green gained 16 yards on back-to-back rushes before a Wojenski interception gave the ball back to the Lancers.

Penalties would be costly once again for Worcester State forcing it to punt the ball away after three plays.

Following a Wojenski incompletion to Calicchio, he connected with Nasir Thomas for 25 yards moving the ball to Worcester’s side of the field.  After an eight-yard rush from Offley, he gained an additional 10 yards on the next rush. With first-and-goal from the 10, Offley scored giving Framingham a 21-14 lead.

Kadlick began the drive for the Lancers with a 14-yard completion to Tyler Barrie. After an incompletion from Kadlick, he connected with Brooks for 11 yards and a first down. Following back-to-back incompletions, Lezama rushed for one yard forcing a fourth down. Kadlick’s pass fell incomplete forcing a turnover on downs. Framingham ended the half with a seven-yard rush from Green.

Lezama began the drive for Worcester State with back-to-back rushes for 11 yards, moving the chains. After a gain of three from Lezama, Andrews gained another three yards forcing third down. After an incompletion, the Lancers were forced to punt.

On the punt, the Lancers were called for a kick-catching interference penalty for 15 yards. Following the punt, Green and Wojenski rushed for a combined 10 yards and a new set of downs. After a two-yard completion to Miller, Wojenski connected with Miller again for two yards, but a facemask penalty was called against the Lancers for an additional 14 yards. Following a gain of four on the ground from Green, Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete forcing a third-and-six. Green gained one yard before fumbling the ball to the Lancers’ Rafel Guzman, returning the ball for a 78-yard touchdown.

After the turnover, Framingham began their drive with a 31-yard completion to Miller, but was reduced to 26 yards because of an ineligible man down field penalty. Wojenski’s next pass was completed but for a six-yard loss to Miller. Offley rushed for 19 yards, giving the Rams a third-and-short to work with. Following a Wojenski scramble for three yards, Offley gained another six yards on the ground to keep the momentum going. Wojenski connected with Thomas for a 32-yard gain moving the ball into the red zone. Offley capped off the drive with a two-yard touchdown giving the lead back to the Rams with a score of 28-21.

The Lancers began the drive with an eight-yard rush from Andrews. After a Kadlick incompletion on second down, Andrews was stopped for a loss of one forcing fourth down. On fourth-and-three, Lezama gained 10 yards giving them a first down in Framingham territory. After a two-yard rush from Lezama, Kadlick’s pass fell incomplete but it was a dead play. It was a dead play because of off-setting penalties on both sides. Lezama finished the drive off with a rushing touchdown, tying the game at 28-28.

Following a rush from Offley for no gain and a Wojenski incompletion, Wojenski gained 19 yards on the ground for a first down. Framingham would stick to the run game with back-to-back rushes for three yards. Wojenski connected with Calicchio for 12 yards keeping the chains moving. Framingham was called for a false start penalty pushing them back five yards. Following Wojenski’s incompletion on first down, Offley erased the loss of yards with a 14-yard gain. Offley gained another 10 yards on third down moving the ball into the red zone. Framingham rushed all four plays in the red zone being stuffed for a loss of eight yards total, turning the ball over to the Lancers.

Worcester was stopped completely going three plays and out punting the ball away.

Wojenski began the drive with an incompletion to Green. Green followed the play with a three-yard rush. Wojenski rushed for 22 yards on third down, but was brought back 10 yards because of a holding penalty. On the very next play Miller rushed for 24 yards moving the ball into the red zone. Wojenski finished the drive off with a four-yard touchdown, giving the lead back to Framingham at 35-28.

The Rams tried putting the game away with an onside kick but the Lancers recovered the ball with good field position. Worcester was stopped again for a short drive going three-and-out punting the ball away.

Framingham continued its rushing attack with 15 consecutive rushing plays for 93 yards and a Green touchdown which extended the lead to 42-28.

Kadlick ran the hurry up offense, spreading the ball in four short plays to the end zone cutting the lead to 34-42.

After a failed kick attempt Framingham knelt the clock away to end the game.

The Rams win was due to their great rushing attack for 405 yards, averaging 5.9 yards a carry. Offley led the way with 161 yards and three touchdowns in the game. Offensive Rookie of the Year Wojenski had 209 all-purpose yards and two total touchdowns on the day.

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