SGA discusses campus safety

[Athena Venetsanakos]

SGA addressed the fraudulent RamTrack posting at their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The incident was brought forward by Treasurer Sarah Horwitz in open forum.

The incident involved a student who was offered a job though RamTrack. The student was then asked to accept a check for a large amount of money and transfer the funds to someone in a different country. The student realized there was something wrong and contacted University Police.

Horwitz asked “if someone is monitoring who can see people resumes and if background checks are being done in general on these different companies.”

Senator Fallon Soye, who is a part of the resident hall advisory board, brought forward concerns about noise disturbances caused by more students staying on campus over the weekend.

She said, “Because there are more students staying, it is louder in the dorm rooms. That is where the majority of the students study on the weekends because the library closes earlier.”

She asked if the library, Hemenway or a different location could stay open later on the weekend for students to study.

Senator Cassandra Tedeschi brought forward her concerns about Hemenway sewing labs being closed over the weekend. She said, “It’s hard for fashion design majors and those who are taking any sewing classes to finish their work on time and it’s causing extra stress.”

Tedeschi added, “It’s annoying and frustrating for us to complete our work on the weekend, and we have deadlines, especially with finals coming up. We only have a certain amount of time.”

President Ezequiel De Leon discussed the initiatives he has been working on with University Chief of Police Brad Medeiros to add additional lighting to poorly lit areas on campus, along with installing lights on the blue call boxes.

De Leon said some of the initiatives have been put in place already. “In front of Peirce they have installed new lights, so the area is much more illuminated and safe. Hopefully we can continue to see those action come in.” He added all the orders for the lights have been submitted.

In other news

SUAB presented what they learned and gained from attending the National Association for Campus Activates conference.

SGA made a funding request of $6,035 for their Week of Kindness, which is to take place during the week of Dec. 5.

Kyle Rosa received this week’s U-Rock.

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