Bridgewater wins MASCAC as mistakes plague Rams in OT thriller

Framingham’s three-game win streak comes to end after losing its first home game of the season to Bridgewater State 28-27 in overtime.

After Framingham won the coin toss they chose to defer and receive the ball to begin the second half. 

After an Alex McLaughlin loss of one on first down, Danny Higgins followed up with a six-yard gain. On third down, Framingham was able to get to Higgins for a seven-yard sack forcing a punt.

The Rams began their drive with a rush from Napoleon Miller for a loss of three yards. Trevon Offley gained two yards on second down to force a third-and-long situation. Adam Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete for Miller forcing a punt.

The Bears continued the rushing attack with three straight rushes for four yards each from McLaughlin, Malik Garret and Higgins. After a Higgins incompletion, he found Dukens Leon for one-yard. On third-and-nine, Higgins was able to connect with Jack Lavanchy for 11 yards and moved the chains.

Higgins next pass fell incomplete to Leon, but was able to gain nine on the scramble on the next play. With a third-and-short, McLaughlin gained two yards to move the chains. Garrett rushed for nine and four yards on back-to-back plays giving the Bears a first-and-goal from the one-yard line. From there, McLaughlin punched it in for a one-yard touchdown, giving Bridgewater a 6-0 lead.

Framingham began its drive with a 15-yard completion from Wojenski to Miller. Wojenski found Miller again for a gain of three yards but was brought back for a 10-yard holding penalty. After a Wojenski scramble of one yard, he completed pass to Stephen Beahn for a loss of two yards.

Coming out of the timeout, Wojenski found Beahn for a gain of 17 yards forcing a fourth-and-ond. Wojenski was able to convert the fourth down with a gain of two to end the first quarter. After a gain of five on the ground from Jalen Green, he lost two yards on the following play. On third-and-long, Green gained only one yard forcing a fourth-and-six. Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete on fourth down causing turnover on downs.

Bridgewater began their drive with a nine-yard rush from McLaughlin. After the gain, Garrett was stuffed for no yards. On third-and-short, McLaughlin was able to convert for a gain of two yards. McLaughlin was stopped for no gain but on the next play Higgins found Garett for a gain of 10 yards and a first down. After McLaughlin gained two yards on the ground, Higgins scrambled for five yards. On third-and-three, Garrett scored a 50-yard touchdown and Bridgewater converted a two-point conversion, stretching the lead to 14-0.

Framingham began its drive with back-to-back incompletions forcing a third-and-long. Wojenski found Miller on third down for 11 yards and a new set of chains. Wojenski found Miller the very next play for a gain of 39 yards before being forced out of bounds. With first-and-goal, the Rams rushed on back-to-back plays with Offley for four total yards. On third-and-goal Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete to Green forcing a fourth-and-goal from the two. Framingham went for it on fourth but Wojenski couldn’t connect with Anthony Smith forcing a turnover on downs.

Bridgewater was unable to carry their momentum from its last two drives going three-and-out with a punt.

The Rams began their drive with a four-yard rush from Miller but he fumbled the ball which was recovered by the Bears.

After another three yards from Garret on the ground, Higgins was able to find Travis Bassett for nine yards and the first down. Higgins tried targeting Bassett again but the pass fell incomplete and the Bears were called for a holding penalty. Following the penalty McLaughlin gained another three yards before a timeout from Bridgewater with 19 seconds remaining in the half.

Higgins next pass fell incomplete to Garret, but facing third-and-long Higgins connected with Garret for a gain of 19. Coming out of the Framingham timeout, Joe Savignano’s field goal attempt missed wide left ending the first half.

Framingham began its drive with a six-yard completion to Beahn with an additional 15-yard penalty for a personal foul against Bridgewater. On the very next play, Wojenski found Miller for a 29-yard touchdown to cut the lead to 14-7.

McLaughlin began the drive for the Bears with a two-yard rush. Bridgewater moved the chains with an 11-yard completion to Bassett. After a Higgins rush for no gain on first down, he was intercepted by Jaleel Wingard to give the ball back to the Rams.

Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete to begin the drive for Framingham. Wojenski’s connected with Beahn for 21 yards but was brought back due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Framingham. Following a Wojenski incompletion he found Offley to give them a third-and-short. Wojenski connected with Miller for 20 yards moving the ball into the red zone. Beahn rushed for seven yards following the big gain. Beahn finished off the drive with an 11-yard touchdown. The touchdown tied the score at 14-14.

Higgins began the drive with a four-yard completion to Bassett. Following the short completion, Higgins connected with Leon for 18 yards. With the new set of downs, McLaughlin rushed for three yards. After McLaughlin’s rush, Garrett gained one-yard on the ground. After McLaughlin was stopped on third-and-six, Higgins connected with Leon for 12 yards and the first down. Shortly after they got the first, the Bears went three plays for no gain forcing a field goal attempt. Savignano missed his second field goal attempt on the day from 32 yards out.

Framingham couldn’t keep its scoring momentum, going three plays and out.

After a Higgins incompletion on second down to Lavanchy, McLaughlin gained two yards forcing a third-and-long. Higgins was intercepted by Jaquan Harris and returned for 17 yards.

Framingham was stopped once again for a three-and-out with a punt.

The Bears had the same problem going a quick three plays and out with a punt.

Framingham began with a completion to Miller but he fumbled giving the ball back to the Bears.

After a gain of eight from Garrett, he followed up with another five yards and a first down. Higgins connected with Leon for 22 yards, moving the ball to the red zone.  After a timeout, Garrett loss five yards on the play and the team was called for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Higgins connected with Garrett for a 24-yard touchdown, regaining the lead at 21-14.

After an offside penalty from the Bears, Framingham couldn’t get anything going, as it went three-and-out.

Bridgewater couldn’t get much going either going five plays for 20 yards and a punt.

Framingham began its drive with a three-yard rush from Green. After a rush for no gain and an incompletion from Wojenski, he found Anthony Smith for 31 yards and a first down. After a five-yard rush from Green, Wojenski connected with Michael Calicchio for a 21-yard touchdown.

Following an eight-yard rush from Higgins, Garrett converted for the first down with a rush of three yards. After two straight plays for no gain, Higgins connected with Bassett for 11 yards. On the next play, Higgins fumbled the ball after gaining four on the ground.

After a Wojenski rush for no gain his next pass fell incomplete forcing a third-and-long. Wojenski connected with Calicchio for 20 yards and the first down. After another incompletion, Wojenski was intercepted by Charles McCarthy ending regulation with a tied score of 21-21.

Framingham began the overtime with a Wojenski incompletion. He then rushed for four yards but his pass on third down fell incomplete. Wojenski found Calicchio for a 19-yard completion moving the ball to the red zone. After a Beahn rush for one yard, he scored on the next play from one yard out taking the lead 27-21. Shawn St.Marie’s extra point attempt was blocked.

On the Bears’ first overtime drive, they rushed for five consecutive plays, 21 yards from Garrett and three from McLaughlin. On first-and-goal from the one-yard line, Garrett scored tying the game at 27-27. Russ Bolarinho’s kick attempt was good and ended the game with a final score of 28-27.

Wojenski earned his third MASCAC Rookie of the Week honor with 266 yards and two touchdowns on 17-of-35 attempts.

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