Psychic medium visits FSU as part of SUAB’s “Halloweek”

(Garber illicited emotional responses from the audience during her readings. Photo by Amanda Martin)

Psychic medium Nancy Garber discussed her abilities as a medium and conducted readings in the McCarthy Center Forum on Oct. 27.

Garber started the event by explaining the difference between a medium and a psychic. She said psychic readings are physical-to-physical connections – the reader’s sprit and body connecting with another person’s sprit and body. She added, “Everyone is psychic … but not everyone is a medium.”

Garber stressed that mediums use their subconscious minds,  not their conscious ones. She added her ability was “always there. All it needed was the right timing. … It’s a natural ability.”

Garber didn’t always know she had the ability to communicate with sprits. She said she frequently had precognitive dreams.

She added many of her dreams were “creepy and scary … and that’s how they grab you, because if it was something good, you wouldn’t remember it as much.” She said spirits try to get a person’s attention through experiences such as these.

Garber was a middle school teacher before she started her career as a medium. She has a master’s in psychology, and she worked with psychiatric patients at Newton Wellesley hospital for seven years.

She discovered her ability while working there. She would give readings to the nurses who worked at the hospital once all their patients were asleep.

“They would get in line to get a reading and that’s how it started,” she said.

Garber said what she does is not scary. “I always say this funny thing – I bring forward your relatives, so I can’t account for your relatives if they were creepy. It’s not my fault.”

Junior Jessica Cowgill said she “thought it was cool and [Garber’s] bubbly personality makes it more comfortable for people.”

Garber brought a sheet of paper with her on which she had written notes. She added that she recieves messages from the dead before a reading. “I don’t even have to be here to talk to them,” she said.

Garber said the spirits speak to her in full sentences, and joked, “They even tell me to stop eating. … They want me to stay healthy.

Junior Hollie Brown was among the audience members who received a reading. She said, “I’ve seen three mediums before. This was the first one I actually got involved and called on for. It seemed realistic and on point.”

Junior Steven Lamisere said he “felt that it was fantastic. … It was something cool. … Props to her. She does her job pretty well.”

Sophomore Nichole Hemenway said she “thought it was actually really cool. I’ve never been to a medium. I’ve only seen them on T.V. … I’ve always been a skeptic of all this stuff, so her getting all of the emotions from people was just a cool experience.”

Garber ended the reading by asking if anyone in the audience had a message to give from a spirit who might have come to them during the presentation.