Football downs Mass. Maritime, sets up monumental matchup with Bridgewater State

Framingham continued its winning ways when taking on Mass. Maritime for its third straight win, with a final score of 21-3.

After the Bucs won the coin toss and decided to defer until the second half, Quron Wright returned the ball 20 yards to the Framingham 36-yard line.

Adam Wojenski began the drive with an 18-yard completion to Michael Calicchio for a first down. Following the big gain, Jalen Green rushed on back-to-back plays for 13 yards collectively and another first down for Framingham. The Rams’ momentum came to an end after Wojenski completed a five-yard pass to Calicchio, but he fumbled at the end of the play giving the ball back to Mass. Maritime.

Following the turnover, the Buccaneers began their drive with a 52-yard rush from Kenny Pierce. With the ball in the red zone, Pierce followed up the big gain with a pick up of three on the ground. On the next play the Buccaneers were called for a 10-yard holding penalty. After the penalty Richie Phillips only gained four yards to force a third-and-long. Chris Haggerty completed a six-yard pass to Aidan Desroisers, but was short for the first down forcing a field goal attempt. Sean Kahler came out to try to give Mass. Maritime the lead, but missed wide right turning the ball over.

Framingham failed to get anything going again going three-and-out, ending the drive with a punt.

Mass. Maritime began their drive with a three-yard rush from Phillips. After a Phillips loss of two yards to force a third-and-long, C. Haggerty completed a 9-yard pass to Shane Haggerty convert for a new set of downs. Following an incompletion on first down from C. Haggerty, Phillips gained four on the next play forcing another third down. On third down, Pierce gained two yards but came up short forcing a fourth down.

Wojenski began the drive with a completion to Napoleon Miller for no gain. On second down Wojenski connected with Nasir Thomas for a gain of 11 yards and a first down. Green followed the play with a gain of six on the ground. Wojenski found Miller once again to move the chains. After a loss of one on the Wojenski completion, Green rushed for a gain of one giving the Rams a third-and-short to work with. On third down, Green was able to convert with a one-yard gain. Green gained another three yards on first down to keep the momentum going. After the completion, Wojenski failed to connect with Miller for back-to-back plays to force a punt.

The Buccaneers struggles continued on their next drive after five plays gaining only 19 yards before punting.

Wojenski began the drive with a three-yard completion to Miller to end the first quarter. Following a Green loss of one-yard on the ground, Wojenski found Green for a gain of 14 and a first down. After an incompletion from Wojenski, Green gained another eight on the ground giving the Rams a third-and-short. Framingham converted after an offside penalty from the Buccaneers. Miller and Green rushed on back-to-back plays for a gain of three yards forcing a third-and-goal.  Wojenski found Hines in the end zone for a touchdown giving Framingham a 7-0 lead.

Mass. Maritime tried to respond, but went three-and-out punting the ball away.

Framingham tried to keep the scoring momentum going, but their drive ended after gaining one first down going six plays for 25 yards

The Buccaneers began their drive with back-to-back rushes for 11 yards from Pierce. On the next play Pierce fumbled after gaining two yards. The fumble was recovered by the Rams’ Aaron Owens.

The first half ended after both sides failed to score on the last three possessions.

The second half began with a C. Haggerty incompletion. Pierce rushed on back-to-back plays for a combined 11 yards and a first down. C. Haggerty threw back-to-back incompletions to force a third-and-long. C. Haggerty found a S. Haggerty for 13 yards converting the third down, but was brought back 13 yards because of a personal foul penalty. The next three plays, Pierce rushed for a total of three yards ending the drive with a punt.

Framingham began its drive with three straight rushes for 20 yards, moving the chains twice. On second down, Wojenski’s pass was intercepted by Kenny Kern ending the drive for the Rams.

With great field position, C. Haggerty gained 21 yards on the scramble to move the ball into the red zone. After a Phillips loss of one on the ground, C. Haggerty connected with Stegman for eight yards forcing third down. On third down, C. Haggerty’s pass fell incomplete forcing a field goal attempt. Sean Kahler’s attempt from 25 yards out was good to cut the lead to 7-3.

The Rams went back to the ground game, with four consecutive rushes from Trevon Offley for 31 yards. Wojenski connected with Calicchio for 13 yards and another first down in the Buccaneers territory. After a three-yard loss from Wright on first down, Offley lost two more yards on the next play and fumbled the ball but recovered it himself. On third-and-long, Wright rushed for a loss of two yards forcing a punt.

The next three drives combined for both sides would end in punts, leading to the fourth quarter.

The first drive for Framingham began with a rush for no gain from Offley but followed it with a 12-yard gain. After a loss of two, Offley gained seven yards on the next play forcing third-and-five. Offley rushed for another six yards on third down for the first down. Following an Offley gain of four on the ground, he gained another 13 yards on the next play. Wright gained another eight yards bringing the ball into the red zone. On third down, Offley scored from eight yards out extending the lead to 14-3.

The Buccaneers drive began when Ty Ebdon’s pass on first down fell incomplete.  Pierce rushed for nine yards forcing a third-and-one. Ebdon was able to scramble for eight yards and the first down. Ebdon’s pass on first down fell incomplete, after the incompletion Pierce loss another yard on the rush. Ebdon was sacked on third down by Akeem Smith forcing a fourth down. With no choice Mass. Maritime was sacked again for a loss of five by Cody Wlasuk.

After the turnover on downs, Miller rushed for nine yards and 17 yards on back-to-back plays.  Green scored from two yards out stretching the lead to 21-3.

Mass. Maritime began their drive with a sack losing six yards. After a Phillips gain of two on the ground, a penalty against Framingham was called for 15 yards and the first down. Ty Ebdon connected with Ryan Taft for 33 yards for another first down. Pierce was able to gain eight yards forcing a Framingham timeout. Pierce converted the second-and-short with a gain of three. After Ebdon completed his pass to Desrosiers for five yards, Ebdon was intercepted by Jaquan Harris for a touchback sealing the game.

Framingham ended the game by kneeling the ball and running the clock out.  Offley led the way for the Rams with 104 yards and one touchdown on 17 attempts. A key factor in the win for Framingham was the four sacks for a total loss of 16 yards.

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