SGA discusses hate crime

By Richard Tranfaglia

Staff Writer

During open forum, SGA president Ezequiel De Leon addressed the hate crime that occurred in the men’s bathroom of May Hall.

The vandalism depicted a drawing of two cartoon characters with swastikas drawn over both of them. The words, “White Power,” were written above the characters. The act is under investigation right now to see how this can be prevented in the future.

“This is not FSU pride,” said, De Leon.

Lisa Eck, English professor and faculty chair of Arts and Ideas, expressed her concerns about the actions and asked for ideas that the faculty could use as a response to the hate crime.

De Leon said faculty members could put up flyers that say “FSU Pride” on the bathroom doors.

De Leon also addressed how the MetroWest bus stop on campus does not have any weather protection from the rain and upcoming winter. He said he will reach out to Dale Hamel, executive vice president, to try and add an addition to the bus stop.

After open forum, Eck asked SGA for help with ideas for the spring events for Arts and Ideas, because there are only three planned at the moment.

The Fashion Club received $738 for its Trashion show and fashion week prizes.

De Leon then addressed the Wi-Fi problems on campus. He said there will be tablets that students can use to submit tickets to IT that states where and when the Wi-Fi went down so they can resolve the problems.

Another table will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The parking lot security problems raised at last week’s meeting was also addressed. De Leon said he spoke with Police Chief Brad Medeiros, who said the department will be installing blue lights soon. The blue lights are the blue call boxes in the parking lots.

Also, the lights for Franklin Lot have come in, but are not installed yet. De Leon also requested more lighting in the parking lots.

Senior Katrina Ferguson rejoined SGA and was appointed as a senator.

Vice President Pat O’Connor discussed the planning of the White Ribbon Campaign, which raises the awareness of domestic violence against women. The event will take place in November.

Senator Christine Macharia presented the U-ROCK award to Secretary Dayna Marchant.