Football gets blowout win against Plymouth State

[Allie Gath]

Framingham continued the momentum at Plymouth State with a 41-7 win for back-to-back wins.

After Plymouth State deferred on the coin toss, Framingham began their drive from their own 34-yard line. Adam Wojenski began the drive with a 12-yard completion to Napoleon Miller.

After a two-yard rush from Wright on second down, Wojenski completed a five-yard pass to Stephen Beahn. On third down Wojenski connected with Michael Calicchio for 11 yards and the first down.

Following the completion, Wojenski found Beahn for a gain of 20 yards. After the gain Wright gained another six yards to bring them into the red zone. Wojenski found Deron Hines for five yards and the first down. It took one play to find the end zone for the Rams’ Wright from five yards out.

Plymouth State tried to respond but lost 20 yards on the opening play of their drive. From there it was two stops from the Rams before a punt.

Framingham began their drive with a 23-yard rush from Wright to push the ball into the red zone. Wright followed the big gain up with another gain of 18 yards, bringing the ball to the one-yard line. Wright capped off the drive with a touchdown on the next play, stretching the lead to 14-0.

Zack Edwards tried to respond for Plymouth State but ended up going three-and-out with three incompletions.

On the punt for Framingham, Miller fumbled giving the ball back to the Panthers.

With good field position, the Panthers’ David Hamilton began the drive with a four-yard gain. Hamilton gained another seven yards for the first down, and a penalty against Framingham tacked on another 13 yards. After two rushes from Hamilton for eight yards, Naquan Hall couldn’t convert on third down. Panthers decided to go for it on fourth down, but Mitch Banuskevich was stopped for a loss of three and a turnover on downs.

Framingham couldn’t move the ball out of their own end zone going three -and-out and punting the ball away.

Following a one-yard loss from Banuskevich, Edwards found Matt Ordway for a gain of six yards. Edwards connected with Banuskevich for a gain of 16 and a first down. The team lost five yards and fumbled, but recovered. After Edwards found Jacob Szulc for two yards, Edwards’ pass fell incomplete to Brandonn Drumgole forcing fourth down.

Deciding to go for it once again on fourth down, Edwards’ pass fell incomplete to Szulc, but off-setting penalties from both sides gave them another chance. On fourth-and-18 Edwards found Drumgole for a 31-yard touchdown, cutting the deficit to 14-7.

Framingham couldn’t get much going again, going three-and-out and punting the ball away to the Panthers.

Plymouth State began their drive with a 10-yard rush from Hamilton. After the gain of 10, Hamilton followed up with a gain of five on the ground. Following an Edwards’ incompletion on third down, Banuskevich gained only two yards forcing fourth down. Going for it on fourth, Hall was unable to convert with only a gain of one and a turnover on downs.

Framingham failed to get anything going once again forcing a three-and-out and punted the ball away.

The Panthers started their drive from their own 41-yard line with an incompletion from Edwards. On the next play Hamilton rushed for a gain of five. On third down, Edwards was able to find Szulc for a gain of eight yards and the first down. With the new set of downs, Hall rushed for two yards but was brought back because of a holding penalty.

After an Edwards’ incompletion on first down, the Panthers were called for a false start for a loss of five yards.  Edwards’ next two passes fell incomplete forcing a punt on fourth down.

The Rams began their drive from their own 33-yard line with a rush from Beahn for no gain. Wright moved the chains with an 11-yard gain on the ground. After an incompletion from Wojenski on first down, Wright rushed for no gain but the play was a wash, because there was offsetting penalties on both sides.

Following the penalty, Wojenski connected with Calicchio for a gain of 13 yards. Wojenski continued spreading the wealth with a seven-yard completion and a 12-yard completion to Calicchio to move the chains again. On the very next play, Wojenski connected with Hines for a 24-yard touchdown, stretching the lead to 20-7.

Plymouth State failed to get anything going once again going three-and-out and punted the ball back to the Rams.

Framingham began their drive with a one-yard rush from Wojenski. After the rush, Beahn followed up with a four-yard gain, but lost 15 yards from a facemask penalty.

On second down, Wright gained only two yards before the Plymouth State timeout. On third-and-18, Miller rushed for 28 yards and a first down in Panthers territory. Wright rushed for a gain of three yards before a Framingham timeout. Nasir Thomas lost one yard setting up a big third-and-eight for Framingham.

On third down, the Rams were able to convert when Wojenski found Miller for a 30-yard completion. The Rams called a timeout after a one-yard loss on the rush from Wright. Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete on second down, but on third down, Wojenski found Beahn for an 11-yard touchdown to stretch the lead to 27-7 at the half.

Framingham began the third quarter with an eight-yard rush from Wright. Following the rush Wright gained another 13 yards. Framingham faltered three times in the red zone losing a total of 13 yards and two fumbles one of which was recovered by the Panthers.

Plymouth was held in check for a quick three-and-out before punting the ball away back to Framingham. The Rams failed to get much going as well after going six plays for 11 yards and a punt.

The Panthers struggles continued on offense after going just six plays for 24 yards before giving the ball back to Framingham.

The Rams began their drive with an 11-yard rush from Wright. It took him one play after the gain to score from 56 yards out stretching the lead to 34-7.

On the ensuing kickoff, Framingham was penalized for illegal procedure for four yards. The Panthers began their drive with a two-yard rush from Banuskevich. Following the rush Edwards’ pass to Drumgole fell incomplete. Plymouth State was called for a false start penalty on first down and docked five yards. After the penalty, Edwards threw an interception to Jaleel Wingard returning it 28 yards to the Panthers 19-yard line.

Framingham continued the rushing attack with three consecutive rushes from Miller and Wright for 10 yards collectively.  After a Beahn gain of two on the ground, Wright rushed for no gain forcing a third-and-goal. On third-and-goal, Wright found the end zone for his fourth touchdown on the day.

The next four drives combined for both sides ended in punts with Framingham resting the starters for the rest of the game.

Wojenski went 15-of-22 for 168 yards and three touchdowns earning MASCAC Offensive Rookie of the Week. Wright led the way for Framingham on the ground with 22 attempts for 175 yards and four touchdowns.

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