Upright Citizens Brigade rides the ram

(UCB preform improvisational skits based off of student anecdotes. Photo by Allison Wharton)

The Hilltop Players hosted the improvisational group, the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) which performed on Oct. 18 in DPAC.

The four men of UCB immediately engaged the audience by asking about interesting things to do in Framingham. The audience responded with visiting the campus’ new ram statue.

The group then asked the audience how their days/weeks were, and if there were something interesting they would like to share.

It was senior Anthony Gabrielle who caught the group’s attention by mentioning his family’s recent demolition of a cast iron bathtub.

The group immediately invited him to the stage and continued to discuss the incident as well as the members of his family, his past job at a clam farm, friends and classes.

UCB then began to act out skits of their interpretation of Gabrielle’s life. The group said their skits “have never been done before and never will be done again.” 

Gabrielle said, “It was hysterical. … They really got [the impression of] my Uncle Bob in a speedo!”

UCB then attempted to incorporate a ram into a skit, but a troupe member said sheep instead, and it became a running joke throughout the show.

One troupe member rode another member pretending to be a sheep, which got laughs from not only the audience but from the troupe as well. 

The second part of the show consisted of audience members reading their random text messages. Some included talk about drinking bleach, taking model-material photos and use of the word “lit.”

UCB then performed scenes based on these messages. They dramatically posed in front of Mount Rushmore, drank bleach in front of a television and created robot reality TV.

“I always love improv groups. Every show is based on the audience. It is always a different story,” said sophomore Olivia Chartrand.

“It is super impressive how they remember what the audience says and use it for the scene,” said sophomore Tim McDonnell.

Senior Ross Pare “was amazed at the multiple scenes they created with such small information.”

The group fed off of one another’s energy and skits often turned into something unplanned, such as a small performance of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.”

Sophomore Mike Terra was “inspired by the Disney singing,” based off his own interests.

Some sound issues arose throughout the show, causing static, but the group managed to refer to the issue as God moving on the roof.

The issue did not bother the audience because every over-exaggerated line, story and character the troupe portrayed was received with laughter.

Olivia Milliken, a senior, “thought they were a lot of fun.”

President of Hilltop Players and senior Zachary Lambert said, “They did a workshop with the improv group. … They gave us tips about the art of improv.”

Junior Kerri Budge said, “It is always cool having people from different places come and visit.”

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