Football uses big first quarter to hold on against Westfield

Framingham stretched its winning streak at home to three games after a 30-28 win over the Westfield Owls.

After a coin toss and a deferral from the Owls, Framingham would begin its drive from its own 29-yard line.

The Rams couldn’t get much going on their first drive going three-and-out after only a four-yard rush from Stephen Beahn.

Following the punt, Westfield would begin its drive from its own 34.

After two rushes from Phil Cohen and Travon Holder for a collective four yards. On third-and-6, Cohen connected with Evan Garvey for 40 yards bringing them into the red zone.

After a five-yard rush from Cohen, Holder rushed for another six and a new set of downs. Following a five-yard completion to Garvey, Holder rushed for another three yards bringing up a key third down.

On third-and-2 Holder was contained for a one-yard loss bringing up fourth down.

On fourth down the Owls brought in Norman Carrol who connected on a 21-yard field-goal attempt.

Framingham began its drive from its own 34 with an incomplete pass to Napoleon Miller. Following a loss of one from Quron Wright, Adam Wojenski rushed for a gain of 13 and a new set of downs.

After a gain of three from Wright on the ground, Beahn followed up with a 12-yard gain of his own on the ground. 

The Owls would commit a defensive offside penalty for a gain of five for Framingham, Wojenski wasted no time and connected with Beahn for a 34-yard touchdown to take a 7-3 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, Westfield committed a personal foul penalty for 15 yards pinning them to its own six-yard line.

After an incompletion from Cohen, Holder rushed for two yards. Afterwards on the play, the Owls were called for a holding penalty for four more yards.

Succeeding the penalty, Westfield State couldn’t get anything going with only a one-yard rush from Holder forcing a punt afterwards.

The Rams would keep their hot hand going with a 12-yard rush from Wright to begin their drive from the Owls’ 32. With a new set of downs, Framingham continued its rushing attack with Beahn and Wright gaining a combined eight yards bringing up a big fourth-and-2.

On fourth-and-two, Wright rushed for a 12-yard touchdown stretching the lead to 14-3. 

The following combined five drives neither side could amount to much, punting the ball away trading field positions.

Five minutes in to the second quarter, after the Rams’ Chris Dagg blocked a punt and Jaquan Harris retuned the ball 26 yards bringing the ball to the red zone for the Rams.

Framingham couldn’t make much of the good field position only gaining six yards from Wright on first and second down combined.

When facing third down from the three-yard line, Wright was unable to punch it in, losing four yards on the play forcing a field-goal attempt.

The successful field goal increased Framingham’s lead to 17-3.

Following three-and-outs from both sides, Westfield would begin its drive from its own 39-yard line. After a two-yard rush from Ryan Wilder and an incomplete pass from Cohen, Cohen would find Wilder for a gain of nine and a new set of downs for the Owls.

On the ensuing play, Wilder would rush for a gain of four yards. After the play Garvey would rush for a gain of three, but also drew a 15-yard personal foul penalty.

Framingham almost caused a turnover with Wilder’s fumble on the next play, but he recovered it himself. Following up on the penalty, Holder gained another three yards on the ground.

After the gain of three, Cohen scrambled for no gain but a penalty against Framingham would tack on an additional four yards.

On third-and-one, Holder converted with a gain of four. After the rush from Holder, Cohen gained another seven yards on the ground but was brought back for a holding penalty against the Owls.

Holder would gain another five yards on first-and-20, on second down Cohen couldn’t complete the pass to Tyler Bevan bringing up a key third down. On third-and-15, Holder would rush for a 20-yard touchdown cutting the lead to 17-11.

From there it was a defensive battle with six straight drives ending with no score change. 

Framingham would begin its next drive with a Wojenski completion to Beahn for four yards. Wright would then rush for a gain of 16 moving the chains.

Following the rush, Wojenski completed a seven-yard completion to Miller but the next play Framingham was called for a false start penalty. Wojenski would connect with Miller for a 52-yard touchdown.

With the touchdown Framingham extended the lead to 23-11.

Westfield would try to respond quickly on its next possession. After a Wilder loss of two, Cohen found Matt Thall for a gain of 68 bringing the ball to the Rams’ one-yard line.

Wilder would punch it in from there for a touchdown trimming the lead to 23-17.

After the touchdown, Marcus Collin converted the two-point conversion cutting the lead to just one possession.

After an attempted onside kick, Framingham recovered the kick and an offside penalty was called on the Owls for an additional five yards.

With the great field position, Trevon Offley and Wright would each gain three yards to end the third quarter.

On third-and-four, Wojenski targeted Beahn for a gain of 11 yards. Wojenski would complete another pass to Beahn for 20 more yards bringing them into the red zone.

After a two-yard rush from Beahn, he punched it in for a five-yard touchdown on the next play.  The Rams extended the lead to 30-19 with 13 minutes remaining.

Westfield began its drive with a rushing onslaught from Holder for three straight plays converting the first down. Cohen would target Garvey for back-to-back plays for nine yards collectively forcing a third-and-one.

Cohen would convert on the very next play, but after a rush for no gain from Holder, Cohen was intercepted by Kenneth Bartolo to end the Owls momentum.

Framingham couldn’t convert the turnover into points punting the ball away after only four plays.

Beginning their own drive from the Rams’ 38, Holder would lose three yards on first down.

Following the loss of three, Holder gained seven yards and an additional two on the next play. 

On fourth down, Cohen found Cam Card for seven yards and converted. After a six-yard completion from Cohen to Garvey, Holder gained another six for a first down.

Cohen would throw back-to-back incompletions forcing third-and-long. After a false start from the Owls, Cohen’s pass fell incomplete. On fourth down, Carroll’s field-goal attempt was blocked and recovered by Harris at the Framingham one-yard line.

Framingham was then called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Framingham was stopped dead in its tracks when Beahn rushed for a loss of one for a safety.

Westfield was awarded two points and received the ball with the score at 30-21.

The Owls, with all the momentum, would try to complete the comeback. On first down, Cohen’s pass was completed to Garvey for only one-yard.

After a false start from the Owls, Cohen’s pass on second-and-14 fell incomplete. Holder almost converted the first down after a gain of 13 on third-and-long.

Coming out of the Framingham time-out Holder rushed for two yards and converted the fourth down. Cohen connected with Garvey for four more yards on the next play. Cohen’s next pass fell incomplete to Devin Lekan.

On the next play, Cohen connected with Tyler Bevan for four more yards.  On a key fourth down, Holder converted with another two-yard gain.

Cohen would try to spread it out but couldn’t with back-to-back incompletions. On third-and-10, Cohen’s pass fell incomplete to Bevan but drew a 15-yard pass interference penalty.

After a four-yard completion to Bevan, the Owls called timeout with a minute remaining. Cohen connected with Thall for 14 yards bringing them into the red zone. On first-and-goal, Cohen connected with Bevan for a gain of four, on second down the pass fell incomplete but Framingham was called for having 12 men on the field.

After the penalty Holder was stopped for a loss of two before Westfield called another timeout. On third-and-goal Cohen’s pass fell incomplete, after the incompletion Holder punched it in from four yards out for a touchdown. With the extra point the Owls cut the lead to 30-28.

On the following kickoff, Framingham kneeled the ball to end the game out with a final score of 30-28.

Adam Wojenski was named MASCAC Rookie of the Week with 200 total yards for two touchdowns. 

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