The Pawgress Report: A little dog with a big heart

By Nick Murphy

Staff Writer

Who’s pretty, pampered and portable?

It’s none other than sophomore Paola Justiniano’s dog Snowflake.

On Dec. 5 2015, Justiniano adopted her Corgi-Chihuahua mix at just five weeks of age. “She fit in the palm of your hand when we first adopted her … and we had to bottle feed her for the first few weeks,” said Justiniano.

Snowflake was the first dog Justiniano had picked out for herself. “I’ve owned dogs in Bolivia, but I couldn’t bring them over to the states,” said Justiniano.

Weighing in at a colossal six pounds, Snowflake is a pint-sized pup with a larger-than-life attitude. “She’s a total diva, and she gets everything she wants,” said Justiniano.

According to Justiniano, the tiny titan has no problem sizing up to dogs that tower over her. “She thinks she’s all big and tough, and likes to bark at bigger dogs like my aunt’s pit bull Ariel, but as soon as she twitches or flinches, Snowflake takes off running. … She’s all talk,” said Justiniano.

Don’t let her small stature fool you. According to Justiniano there is an avalanche’s worth of energy behind the snow-white pup. “She randomly gets really hyper and runs around in circles. … We try to catch her, but she slips away almost every time,” said Justiniano.

Snowflake is also quite fond of playing outside. “We take her to a lot of different places for exercise, such as Cushing and Quincy Park. She loves to run around off-leash, and all we have to do to get her to come back is lay down … and she’ll dart back to us,” said Justiniano.

While Snowflake enjoys frolicking in the fields, she also has a laid-back and chill side. “She loves to take naps with my dad. … She sleeps in the most ridiculous positions, usually stretched out straight on her back,” said Justiniano.

It didn’t take long for Snowflake to win the hearts of her new family.“My family is obsessed with her. … My parents love her like a daughter, and they get to spend a lot of quality time with her,” said Justiniano. “My father calls her his princess.”

Justiniano notes Snowflake loves snuggling and sharing a bed with anyone in the family. “She doesn’t like sleeping by herself, so she sleeps with us. … One night she’ll sleep with my parents, then with my brother or with me,” said Justiniano.

“At first she was very skittish around new people and dogs, but after taking her all over this past summer she’s gotten so much better with new faces,” said Justiniano.

Snowflake isn’t camera shy in the slightest. In fact, she’s very photogenic. “My friends are always taking pictures of her. She’s such a model,” Justiniano said.

According to Justiniano, Snowflake’s biggest culinary cravings are Cheerios and milk. “She loves milk, so occasionally we treat her to Lactaid milk, and she loves Cheerios too.”From time to time, Snowflake receives the best of both worlds.

“We’ve given her cereal and milk for breakfast before, which she adored. … We made sure it was OK with our vet first and they said it was perfectly fine,” said Justiniano

Snowflake is very expressive, and loves to be the center of attention. “When she’s happy she’ll fold her ears back and paw for attention,” said Justiniano.

“She’ll also pick up her toy, lay on her back and wiggle while holding it. We don’t know why she does it, but it’s sure cute,” said Justiniano.

That’s Snowflake – the little dog with big heart, the doggy-diva who’s “Living like a queen.”

Editor’s note: “The Pawgress Report” is a bi-weekly column featuring FSU students and their dogs.

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