SGA addresses Wi-Fi concerns

[Amanda Martin]

SGA approved the constitutions of two clubs and discussed the issue of Wi-Fi service during its meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

During open forum, Senator Mike O’Brien said the Wi-Fi on campus has been “not only horrible, but unable to be accessed,” preventing students from being able to submit homework.

SGA President Ezequiel De Leon met with Dale Hamel, executive vice president, last week to talk about this issue.

Karl Bryan, student trustee, also addressed the slow speed of the Wi-Fi in the Board of Trustees meeting.

According to Senator Fallon Soye, students are encouraged to file IT or maintenance requests when they run into issues with the Wi-Fi.

The main cause of the backed-up Wi-Fi is the “jamming” of the routers in residence halls, said Soye.

De Leon said Hamel showed him all of the IT and maintenance request tickets that were filed by students, adding “There weren’t that many.”

In order for the IT department to take action, more students need to file formal requests rather than simply complaining, said De Leon.

In his President’s Report, De Leon spoke about what has been done since spring to increase Wi-Fi speeds on campus. An increased wireless capacity in the McCarthy Center cost $8,000, the replacement of routers in the Hemenway Hall Data Center cost $77,000, the addition of Wi-Fi to West Hall cost $71,000, more routers and increased capacity around campus cost “almost $31,000” and an increase in security cost $100,000.

There are currently plans to improve Wi-Fi access in Crocker Hall, DPAC, CASA, May Hall and Hemenway Hall.

These additions don’t “belittle the problems we’re having now, which are very real,” said De Leon.

De Leon also discussed FSU Cares, a new initiative which allows students to report anyone they think needs help, be it mental, academic, behavioral or economic. Pamphlets for the FSU Cares program will be available throughout campus.

De Leon is also working with Hamel and Chief of Police Brad Medeiros in order to increase the visibility of the blue callboxes.

During his Student Trustee’s Report, Bryan said FSU’s percentage of students of color is increasing. One third of the students in this year’s freshman class are people of color.

FSU was granted the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award, making it the only school in Massachusetts to win for three consecutive years, according to Bryan.

SGA also approved the proposed constitution for the new Dental Club as well as amendments to the Nutrition Networking Group’s, most notably, the change of its name to Nutrition Club.

De Leon gave the U-ROCK award to Senator Molly Fennessey to close the meeting.