Suit Jacket Posse gets loopy in the Forum

(Buonopane and Milliken took the form of a pick-up truck in their skit “Human Props” on Tuesday. Amanda Martin)

The Suit Jacket Posse put on their first show of the academic year, titled “Lamar’s Day Off” on Sept. 28 in the McCarthy Center Forum.

The show also marked the debut of the new host Jace Williams, a junior. They began the show by introducing the “mostly new cast” of Olivia Milliken, Zac Lambert, James Buonopane, Anthony Gabrielle, Mike Terra and Tim McDonnell.

The show started with an excited reaction from the audience as Lambert fired Milliken, both seniors, from her day job at a dungeon for consistently showing up to work late and drunk, and improperly torturing the inmates.

The entire cast played a round of “World’s Worst,” in which they acted out scenarios from audience suggestions. Among the audience’s favorites were the World’s Worst Drug – crushed up Froot Loops – and World’s Worst Infomercial for Sodexo, which struck a chord with many.

Lambert and Gabrielle, a senior, became the two-headed oracle, answering questions from the audience while alternating turns saying one word at a time. The duo answered questions such as “What is love?” and “What happens after I die?” The shortest answer was to the question, “Who will win the presidential election?” The response was a resounding “No.”

McDonnell and Terra, sophomores, used Buonopane, a junior and Milliken as their human props. They acted out a scene of cowboys riding their trusty steeds and hunting coyotes.

Before intermission, the full cast played “Script Tease.” They asked for audience member’s initials and came up with movie titles out of them, acting out the ones that seemed the most interesting. Some of the highlights were “Jungle Crabs,” a Christmas story with crabs instead of reindeer, Almost Lesbians and Atheist Lions.

At the beginning of act two, McDonnell, Terra and Milliken had an in-depth argument about which type of pasta is the best.

The setting of the “Two-Line Vocabulary” scene was up for debate. The Cincinnati Zoo was an audience suggestion; Williams was against the idea until Lambert proposed the scene take place in a Starbucks within the zoo. The compromise was made and the audience roared as the troupe bickered about shoe size and missing whipped cream.

The biggest laugh of the night came during “The Dating Game,” as Gabrielle played a character obsessed with collecting and eating ashes. He roamed the audience and brought someone on stage who had been “smoking a lot” claiming that they’d be in the crematorium soon.

In the audience was former captain of The Suit Jacket Posse and recent FSU alumnus, Tyler DeMoura. “It was amazing” said DeMoura, “I helped cast the group.”

In the casting process, the SJP looks for a group of people with chemistry, which is no easy task, said DeMoura. “They definitely have great chemistry. … My baby’s in good hands.”

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