Wentz will be a star

With the second pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select…future Super Bowl winner Carson Wentz.

Yes, I said Wentz will win a Super Bowl.

It might not be this year, it might not be next year, but this kid will win a ring by the time his NFL tenure comes to an end.

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions too quickly, or maybe it’s the Eagles fan inside of me hoping that it comes true, or maybe, I’m just right.

Wentz, the second pick in this year’s draft, was cast into the starting job just a week before the 2016 season started, when the Eagles traded their then-starter Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings.

After throwing just north of 30 passes in the preseason and missing much of it with a broken rib, many thought Wentz wasn’t prepared.

Couple that with the fact that he’s from FCS-school North Dakota State, and many people thought this kid was set up for failure.

But Wentz and his Eagles, have now played two games and are 2-0, one of only three teams in the NFC that can say that.

Many people questioned Philadelphia’s move to give up so many draft picks to move up and take the FCS-product Wentz, but after moving Bradford and getting a first-round pick for him, seeing how unimpressive the backup Jared Goff is (the only player drafted ahead of Wentz) and seeing how good Wentz has been so far, it’s hard to question the move.

It hasn’t even been that the rookie quarterback’s numbers have been unprecedented. In fact, in Philadelphia’s season opener against Cleveland, Wentz only went 22-for-37, throwing for 278 yards, two touchdowns and no picks.

In his second start, on Monday Night Football, he threw 34 times for 190 yards and a touchdown.

But while his numbers may not be through the roof he’s been impressive in a different way.

In his first two NFL starts after coming from North Dakota State, Wentz is checking plays at the line of scrimmage with single digits remaining on the play clock. He’s standing in and remaining calm, cool and collected when opponents bring the heat. And he doesn’t turn the football over.

His coach, Doug Pederson, is even trusting him to throw on questionable fourth down calls.

It’s one thing to do it against the atrocious Browns, but to do it on primetime, on ESPN, that’s another thing.

On Monday night, Wentz became the first rookie quarterback to start 2-0 without committing a turnover of any kind.

Wentz is young and the jury may still be out on him, but I’m telling you, this kid is the real deal.

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