Campus police officer arrested for allegedly exposing self to student worker

Photo courtesy of Framingham Police

By Alexandra Gomes

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By Bailey Morrison

News Editor

FSUPD Officer Wilter Dormevil was arrested Saturday afternoon, Sept. 3, after allegedly masturbating behind a student desk worker’s chair in the University’s police station.

He is charged with open and gross lewdness, lewd and lascivious conduct and intimidation of a witness.

Dormevil also allegedly ejaculated on the backside of the desk chair, a clipboard he was holding and papers on top of a desk, according to Framingham police.

He has since been banned from FSU’s campus and placed on administrative leave, according to FSU President F. Javier Cevallos.

He said in an email, “The alleged actions of one individual should not cast a shadow on what I consider to be an outstanding department, led by Chief Medeiros. The members of the FSU Police Department are dedicated to the safety and security of our community and they continue to have my full support.”

The victim was working writing parking permits when she felt “continuous” movement behind her, according to police. When she turned around, she saw Dormevil masturbating his erect and exposed penis.

Dormevil acted as if the incident had not occurred, according to police, and asked the victim what was wrong with her. He also asked her, “Do you even understand English?”

When she returned to her desk, Dormevil “whispered” to her that he was sorry and that, “This didn’t happen.”

She then asked another student desk worker, who was working in the adjacent I.D. office, to switch with her.

After the victim told her fellow desk worker what had happened and he observed semen on the chair she had been sitting in, he brought the victim outside with him where they called Framingham police.

Cevallos said, “We regard the safety of our students, faculty and staff as paramount, and we will continue to hold our officers’ conduct to the highest standards. Please note that this situation was isolated and there is no ongoing threat to the University.”

According to Chief of FSUPD Brad Mederios, the University police have a 25-step hiring process, which includes a background test and a psychological evaluation. Dormevil had been employed since May.

Mederios said Dormevil was armed with his authorized firearm during the incident.

Mederios said he “couldn’t believe it” when he found out about the allegations against Dormevil.

“He just did not possess any traits that would lead me to believe that he could ever pull something like this,” he said. “He was pleasant and he seemed to want to do the right thing all the time.”

When asked if University police will be taking any extra measures to avoid a similar incident from occurring, Mederios said, “We have everything in place that we need to have in place.”

He added, “You cannot predict or tell when an individual is all of a sudden going to become defective like this.

“This was heart-wrenching for all of us – that it was a member of this department that was involved with something like this,” he said. “I don’t want the community to think that because of this guy’s actions, that we’re all that way because we’re not.”

The FSUPD department has not addressed the incident with all of their student desk workers because of conflicting schedules, according to Mederios. Instead, he has been meeting with student workers “one on one” to discuss the incident “as our schedule permits.”

Kim Dexter, Director of Equal Opportunity, Title IX, and ADA Compliance, said her office will be investigating the incident and could not comment further.

According to Framingham police, the incident was not caught on camera.

The only security camera in the station views the lobby, according to Mederios, and there are none in the actual police station. When asked if University police will now consider installing cameras, he said, “I haven’t gotten to that point yet.”

On Sept. 3 Dormevil was released on a bail of $500 Saturday evening.  A Framingham police officer withdrew Dormevil’s funds for bail for him from the ATM located in front of the police station.

He was arraigned in court Tuesday morning, Sept. 6. The judge ordered Dormevil to stay away from the victim and from the FSU campus.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, and is due back in court Oct. 17.

Sophomore Emily Thomas said, “It’s scary that you’re in a ‘safe community’ but you’re blind to things. You hear it on the news, but you wouldn’t think it would happen here.”

Mike Brule, a sophomore said “He’s disgusting and I hope nothing but the worst for him.”