Suit Jacket Posse performs final show of academic year

(Sévigny and McDonald perform an infomercial for upset stomachs. Photo by Brad Leuchte)

The Suit Jacket Posse hit the stage one last time before the close of the semester on Tuesday, April 26. The cast won the audience over by presenting an array of new acts including, “Once Upon a Time,” “Open Mic” and “Sex with Me Is Like…”

During “Once Upon a Time,” troupe member Tyler DeMoura could respond to fellow member Anthony Gabrielle only by reciting dialogue from the book “Lord of The Flies.”

“Belly flop” was apparently written in the text because DeMoura called it out and then proceeded to belly flop across the stage several times. The skit ended with DeMoura yelling and pointing at Gabrielle, calling him Piggy. Before continuing to the next scene, James Buonopane, the host of the Suit Jacket Posse, gave a special thanks to the audience for tolerating their ridiculousness.

“Open Mic” was another crowd favorite. Jessa Pereira was the hostess of the pillow-themed open mic night. She welcomed Fluffy Feathers (DeMoura), Memory Foam (Tim McDonald) and Bobopedic (Kyle Collins), to center stage to show off their talents. DeMoura took on a persona full of angst and emotion as he recited his poem, “Sound of the Cloud Dancer.” Collins embodied a similar character to DeMoura. He sang about the cold side of the pillow in an angelic way that had the audience swaying their phone flashlights to the music.

Similar to “Open Mic,” the cast performed a skit titled “American Idol,” in which Collins and Gabrielle acted as contestants. Gabrielle intimately serenaded an audience member with his song about Lincoln Logs. Sophomore Hannah Ferrante commented she would gladly purchase Gabrielle’s track on iTunes. Collins followed with an R&B love song about his microwave, Sheila. His lyrics focused on making a Hot Pocket inside of her.

Continuing with the romantic vibe, the cast finished the show off with the skit “Sex with Me Is Like…” Buonopane would pull a word or phrase from a hat that had to be substituted into the sentence. Hurricane was the first pick and András Sévigny said, “Sex with me is like a hurricane, everything will be wet and destroyed afterwards.” When the word switched to unicorn, Sévigny had the crowd laughing with, “Sex with me is like a unicorn, white and horny.” However, the greatest applause came when Collins said, “Sex with me is like baseball, and I can be the catcher and the pitcher.”

The audience didn’t want the show to end and neither did the cast. DeMoura and Collins kept asking Buonopane for one last prompt before saying goodnight, as this was their last show as graduating seniors. Audience members also encouraged the show to continue for an extra 20 minutes. Hold on tight until the Suit Jacket Posse makes its return next semester.