Cass’ Catwalk: Summer Style

Maxi skirts can be easily paired with a denim shirt for comfort and cuteness. Photo from Maegan Tintari/Flickr

The season of chafing thighs and sweaty boobs is upon us.

Of course, that just means it’s almost time for lazy beach days, ice cream cones and a whole lot of no school. It’s time for girls to buy cute new bikinis, guys to get cool board shorts and all to go crazy over different types of sunglasses.

But what on earth is there to wear when we’re not lounging around in the sun on the sand?

Currently on the rise are printed shorts. Whether they be loose or fitted, a fun pair of printed shorts will brighten up any outfit. If they’re fitted, pair them with a solid loose top, and if they’re loose, pair them with a cute tank or solid top that can be tucked in.

Maxi skirts and dresses are still popular and are great for a day of going out with family. They provide airy comfort and can easily be dressed up with a pair of cute sandals or a sweater.

Don’t forget your romper – these loose shorts/top combo are great for comfortable lounging. Add a pair of sandals and you’re off to a great lunch-outing outfit, or throw it on over your swim suit to drive to the beach in style. Just be careful not to buy one that’s too big or looks awkward on you – you’ll regret it almost instantaneously.

Crop tops are still in as well – you can still look cute with a casual flair. For those of us who are more self-conscious, pair a crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt or fun shorts. The more outgoing and rebellious can grab a regular pair of shorts to match with a crop top – just don’t forget the cute sandals or flip-flops.

Floaty tops work great with shorts – especially high-waisted ones. Make sure that when buying a floaty shirt, you don’t buy one that’s too big because otherwise you’ll look like you’re drowning in it. And make sure you like how it looks on you before buying it – lots of people aren’t a fan of how floaty and loose tops look on them.

Printed dresses are cute for any occasion, such as parties or dinner outings with family. Make sure if you’re getting a bold print, it’s not too outrageous and you can actually see yourself wearing it. Otherwise, pair it with minimal accessories, and bam, you’ve got a party-worthy outfit.

Finally, while I’ve been recommending sandals for almost every occasion, don’t forget ballet flats look great with any outfit as well. Ballet flats keep it cute, while also being comfortable enough to walk around in.

Now, of course, no one’s limited to just these options – after all, everyone’s style is his or her own. Go crazy with your summer outfits, and stay true to yourself – but keep cool in a summer that’s bound to be hot.