Beauty by Bailey: The heart of the matte-r

Photo by Brad Leuchte

I do my makeup pretty much every single day and each look wouldn’t be complete without lipstick. Coffee cups, water bottles and the occasional burrito always have the faintest smudge of lipstick on them.  Makeup trends have changed through the years and one of the newer crazes is “matte.” Matte lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow – you name the makeup product and there is probably a matte version of it. Within the last few years, I’ve experimented with different lipstick looks – different colors, shades and the everlasting struggle – matte versus glossy lipstick.

I personally find matte is prettier in lighter colors. I have several different shades of matte pink and red. I also think that any nude shades look better matte. The trouble that people run into with matte lipstick is they forget the single most important thing – primer. Any lipstick you wear will appear smoother and stay on longer if you apply a lip primer beforehand. Instead of looking at your matte lipstick and seeing cracks and uneven texture, your lipstick will be smooth and perfect. If you’ve applied lip balm before your matte lipstick and wondered why it’s suddenly shiny, that is because lip balm and primer are not interchangeable. I tend to gravitate towards Sephora and MAC makeup products. My favorite is MAC: Prep + Prime Lip which is $16.50. I also recommend the MAC brand matte lipsticks which are $17. A cheaper alternative to MAC is Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color which is $7.99. Both give that classic matte look and come in various shades – it comes down to where you regularly buy your makeup and how much money you’re willing to spend.

The more common choice for lipstick is often the classic glossy look. I started by wearing mostly glossy colors in many different shades. The same principles apply to wearing glossy colors – primer makes all the difference. If you’re looking for the color to be concentrated and long-lasting, primer gives color that extra boost. I find glossy lipstick is easier to apply and generally stays longer. There are more options when it comes to glossy lipstick as matte is a newer trend. It’s easier to find the glossy lipsticks that many people wear because they come in a larger variety. It’s important to find your colors, not every person looks good in every single color. Bright colors can give darker outfits a pop. I’ve generally found my favorite brand for glossy lipsticks is NYX. There are tons of different types and the best part about NYX cosmetics is that they typically range from $3 to $6. Those aren’t typically very long lasting but there are enough colors and varieties to make up for that fact. MAC will always be my first choice, given that most of the money I spend goes towards makeup and clothes. I have an embarrassing number of MAC lipstick tubes cluttering up the drawer filled with makeup in my room.

There are benefits to both lipstick styles and the decision mostly comes down to the amount of money you want to spend as well as the brands you typically buy.